Matthew C. Martino

Age: 21
Birthplace: Harare,Zimbabwe

Matthew's love for filming started from a young age and has used his hardworking and ambitious attitude to secure acting roles and further adapting to producing and directing. In 2012 he was honored to be a Production Assistant in Award winning Director Rob Margolies' feature film 'She Wants Me' . This was filmed in Los Angeles,USA and gave Matthew a chance to work abroad doing what he does best. With experience and expertise in Location Scouting , Casting Directing , Source Funding and Producing Matthew always aims to turn up on set and give it 100%. His film credits include:

Tales of the Supernatural (2013) - Associate Producer Beach Vacancy USA (2011) - Associate Producer She Wants Me (2012) - Production Assistant Never Change (2013) - Executive Producer Lets Fly Documentary (2013) - Producer , Director

Matthew has a wide range of interests ranging from football , golf , djiing and opera. In his search for entrepreneurial glory he has found that "common sense is not so common out there".


Movie Character Year
6nd4sqrxsakouus2fafjtnkqlg2 Green Street Hooligans: Underground GSE Firm Member 2013
Rqvmw5hms0odyw52qpqpzbpamaf About Time Commuter 2013
Elsbszludz9adnfbwrvzkixxfmn Dom Hemingway NightClubber 2013