Milos Zutic

Age: 74
Birthplace: Belgrade, Serbia

Miloš was a Serbian theatre and movie actor. He was the husband of Svetlana Bojković and Ognjanka Ognjanović Zutić, both the actress and the father of actress Katarina Zutić, and son Djordje. In the period since 1960. to 1992. was achieved for 85 roles. He played in all mayor theatres in Serbia. He has performed on radio, film, television and theater. In addition to notable roles is remembered as the "narrator" in many movies and TV shows. Since 1994. was award "Milos Zutić" was established for best acting performance in the past theater season.

Movie Character Year
2jawps7sicmhsjwrckjjjcc8luz Dancing in Water Kica (older) 1986
6mv4rwaga0nmvsiqly7bldjvika The Battle of Kosovo prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic 1989