Robert Patrick

Age: 55
Birthplace: Marietta, Georgia, USA

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Robert Hammond Patrick, Jr. (born November 5, 1958) is an American actor, known for his leading and supporting roles in a number of films and television shows. Patrick dropped out of college when drama class sparked his interest in acting, receiving his first professional acting job in the 1986 television film, Eye of the Eagle. For much of the late-1980s, he lived in Los Angeles and had minor roles. In 1990, he landed a supporting role as terrorist O'Reilly in Die Hard 2. In 1991, he found greater mainstream recognition when he landed the role of the main villain, the T-1000, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day—a role described by Allmovie as "one of the most memorable roles in one of the most memorable films of the decade." He was nominated for the 1992 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor and the 1992 MTV Movie Award for Best Villain for his work and reprised the role for cameo appearances in 1992's Wayne's World and 1993's Last Action Hero. He was later nominated for the 1994 Saturn Award for Best Actor for his leading role as Mike Rogers in cult favorite Fire in the Sky and landed central supporting roles in popular films such as Cop Land and The Faculty, as well as recurring roles in popular television shows such as The Sopranos and The Outer Limits.
Patrick starred in a number of critically panned films during the 1990s, including Double Dragon and Striptease, once saying of his filmography: "there's maybe five that are good and the rest are crap." He later played John Doggett in the American science fiction-horror television show The X-Files. Replacing Fox Mulder as the male lead of the show, his portrayal earned him the Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television in 2001, and a nomination the following year for the same award in the category "Best Actor in a Television Series", as well as seeing him named one of "The Ten Sexiest Men of Sci-Fi" by TV Guide. He won the 2005 Jury Award for Best Actor for his role as Shay Riley in television film The Fix. In 2006, he landed another of his most memorable roles, playing Colonel Tom Ryan in the hit television show, The Unit.
In later years, Patrick has landed central supporting roles in the critical successes Walk the Line, Elvis, Bridge to Terabithia, Spy Kids and Flags of Our Fathers. Allmovie described Patrick as having "developed a solid reputation within the industry," with critics, fans and co-stars praising "his work ethic, personality, and consistent performances."

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Movie Character Year
Vwbseicgcgpqdvscku6mu1kouee Die Hard 2 O'Reilly 1990
2y4dmgwyrmyxdd1uyjvcn2hsd1d Terminator 2: Judgment Day T-1000 1991
Ttv6ba0does1zxmnqsnxtgegkdj Wayne's World Bad Cop / T-1000 1992
Eerzxxfecsgndkze5movpu2urao Fire in the Sky Mike Rodgers 1993
Yv21myb4k32quhuemucg1uyiooc Double Dragon Kongo Shuko 1994
Coovbfp1fziyzzqru7ef6kx31xw Body Language Delbert Radley 1995
Se3iq0qzdzfpqtvzpcg4jkgsmvw Striptease Darrell Grant 1996
Popcorn Asylum 1997
A75pj1txnghlscmozztdvdhe8vx Cop Land Jack Rucker 1997
Vjofh67pqsvctn8u4uisiqxwrru Ambushed Shannon Herrold 1998
Hxrbjpaoruarqsbwnayhzl94lqs CounterForce Jake McInroy 1998
Nty4bx1yqge5kvbknkh43n23hub The Faculty Coach Joe Willis 1998
Gcrpblyhnw9ukjwcxyl7mgjewhq From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money Buck 1999
Mrygwtbhhoj7xyc8ksitjrbttjo Spy Kids Mr. Lisp 2001
Wwofbj2kqhm5ktfizm2j13pegol Texas Rangers Sgt. John Armstrong 2001
Ymxbjoczy367gfx6tod8oofdbaa Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Ray Carter 2003
An6ecpfiwwlh6k412qytwr1wljs Ladder 49 Lenny Richter 2004
Txvzj6qim0l9ezyjdsbte0us7mr Elvis Vernon Presley 2005
P3swjf5epsmbsub6c4ugth6v9ip Walk the Line Ray Cash 2005
Ith9e8onnjtpleqzxnsvxybkggp Firewall Gary Mitchell 2006
Blqamjnayyurmn1cs2otofm3d0s The Marine Rome 2006
Qmomjeyxrz91em469gwpazaopax Flags of Our Fathers Colonel Chandler Johnson 2006
Vnuvgd1pl5njgisrtvrea52ewju Bridge to Terabithia Jack Aarons 2007
Ounyskl3mjsr1sze5rifxmq1e4m Balls of Fury Sgt. Pete Daytona 2007
Iiwrif8e0q9liteo949fuyu8roe Strange Wilderness Gus Hayden 2008
Egghyel31d5mv9f3m5bvg2kgqjf Alien Trespass Vernon 2009
Ddkzvyiko85cl4p2qtj6g6liamg The Men Who Stare at Goats Todd Nixon 2009
Fe6xkk5vgnsingh2lgyzxmwwywl Five Minarets in New York Becker 2010
Vtsqsbr6twzwg20y6jqx3y5ff5m Kill Speed 2010
Yyqmjspmqenuu7ozbqr8x5odueg The Wrath of Cain 2010
1tpdygz10u7dubpcwluf5wavqnd Red Faction: Origins Alec 2011
Q83vacog2hhlvortptvcxksdbsn Safe House Daniel Kiefe 2012
Fikyfdys66xeawhyoyi5ngifvap Trouble with the Curve Vince 2012
63tyykjwfncgn2vbhqmwsnr41cl Gangster Squad Max Kennard 2013
Esqqzffqsztrnwluz23solaepd7 Identity Thief Skiptracer 2013
Kctb18tjjhiqxysflnnyrycc58h Lovelace John J. Boreman 2013
Bjs9alihvahmpkexfsp7a9tdtd2 Jayne Mansfield's Car 2013
Qgtl3mrindlzkddyiilvampxqgs Endless Love 2014
Popcorn Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey 2014