James Ware

Age: 56
Birthplace: Union City, TN

James Ware, better known by his ring name Koko B. Ware, is a retired American professional wrestler who made his professional wrestling debut in 1978. He gained most of his popularity in the World Wrestling Federation when he was known as the Birdman. Ware came to the ring with a blue-and-yellow macaw parrot named Frankie, and would flap his arms like a bird while dancing before and after his matches. Before joining the WWF, Ware worked as a part of several tag teams, first with Bobby Eaton in Memphis and then later on with Norvell Austin as one half of the The P.Y.T. Express in several promotions. Ware also holds the distinction of having competed in the first ever match on the first episode of Monday Night Raw in a losing effort against Yokozuna.

Movie Character Year
5cqhqyoj4gshmyyz6mqbrdvkmfd WWE WrestleMania IV "Birdman" Koko B. Ware 1988
1q5ff6uqjyb3hlqsmjybhxgym7m WWE SummerSlam 1988 Koko B. Ware 1988
6sl0pny4obg2fjuydzln3txwtqa WWE Royal Rumble 1989 “Birdman" Koko B. Ware 1989
3wlk91jvscsazybdqpu8nix4wtc WWE SummerSlam 1989 Koko B. Ware 1989
Dd5oedikvoui0qfbp1ewwndlzch WWE Royal Rumble 1990 Koko B. Ware 1990
K3sl1bkqs09edjg7nntc1bfw6f3 WWE WrestleMania VII Koko B. Ware 1991
X7vzs7jwvzfgqeksvantozawcvz WWE Royal Rumble 1993 Koko B. Ware 1993