Steven Seagal

Age: 63
Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan, USA

Steven Frederic Seagal (born April 10, 1952) is an American action film star, producer, writer, martial artist, guitarist and a reserve deputy sheriff. A 7th-dan black belt in Aikido, Seagal began his adult life as an Aikido instructor in Japan. He became the first foreigner to operate an Aikido Dojo in Japan.

He later moved to the Los Angeles, California, area where he made his film debut in 1988 in Above the Law. By 1991, he had starred in three successful films, and would go on to achieve greater fame in Under Siege (1992), where he played Navy SEALs counter-terrorist expert Casey Ryback. However, his image became tarnished when both On Deadly Ground (1994, which he directed) and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) did poorly in theaters. During the later half of the 90s, he starred in three more theatrical films and a direct-to-video The Patriot. Aside from Exit Wounds (2001) and Half Past Dead (2002), his career shifted almost entirely to direct-to-video films (often low budget productions and shot in Europe or Asia). Between 1998 to 2009, he appeared in a total of 22 of these. At the age of 59, he finally returned to the big screen as Torrez in the 2010 film Machete. As of 2011, he's currently busy with the third season of his reality show Steven Seagal: Lawman.

Seagal is also a recording artist and guitarist and the founder of Steven Seagal Enterprises. In addition to his professional achievements, he is also known as an environmentalist, an animal rights activist and a supporter of the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, and the Tibetan independence movement.

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Movie Character Year
Pgpjhw4ij2wzeapq4yvgvrtzf1p Above the Law Nico Toscani 1988
Fynpnaqrukqs89huwecndkwf7mk Hard to Kill Mason Storm 1990
P9ytbkdgggni5e0qdwb1ttxwxcc Out for Justice Det Gino Felino 1991
Duxm3hj55fpc4a3krzikn1fr22k Under Siege Casey Ryback 1992
Nvoflbwc8ay0ikwhylfoavuukbr Under Siege 2 - Dark Territory Casey Ryback 1995
Raliubqqpontj92iqqmrsnwtqad The Glimmer Man Lt. Jack Cole 1996
Oz6tq7rapvae7y7y7iyhvfvo6gs Fire Down Below Jack Taggart 1997
Tml9q6kgnbvztagaz7artn3ppgm The Patriot Wesley McClaren 1998
Ioppykv342e0ziuqbjxdowcmzms Exit Wounds Orin Boyd 2001
Shslmp73qbagjjuylrpfytq1mq1 Half Past Dead Sasha Petrosevitch 2002
1odn6p72tlvbrs9asio3rdxwkco Out for a Kill Professor Robert Burns 2003
Lzzohbdcmpaavs8f6fng2ozom1t Out of Reach William Lansing 2004
Kfd30p2d2wfgxhf5kazw2xcurkw Into the Sun Travis Hunter 2005
Ok3wldznombluj33ggplcs6z8h5 Today You Die Harlan Banks 2005
Fyxksknnxan0fs4hq1shy9cdzvk Shadow Man Jack Foster 2006
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Kpqs0drzrrd0x9zr27mir2pjono Against the Dark Commander Tao 2009
Woe5usr12spt0s9ucvnp2njom6v The Keeper Rolland Sallinger 2010
Jmigzhyfon4clojqfqebzzaz4w8 Machete Torrez 2010
Crdthpqzyxmn2fh4gujcml5sxqq Payback Elijah Kane 2011
Vq3cjwifmygoc9gynnp1lhqatls True Justice: Urban Warfare Elijah Kane 2011
Pocvcarenxp275h8qjixjbhzyn9 True Justice: Street Wars Elijah Kane 2011
Nxbb5oceosqbmebdote0ntsa7oq True Justice: Lethal Justice Elijah Kane 2011
Fknli6hcb4tx48wwlnly61csnpb Vengeance is Mine 2012
Ufelxixyentycr2s0moeudizs1l True Justice: Blood Alley Elijah Kane 2012
Ns6gcjtuakpckj6idctgubyofqv Maximum Conviction Tom Steele 2012
Xtygnw35gozcjz35smg5ojammwd Force of Execution Alexander Coates 2013
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