Lou Albano

Age: 80

Louis Vincent "Captain Lou" Albano was an Italian-born American professional wrestler, manager and actor. He was active as a professional wrestler from 1953 until 1969, then he became a manager, until 1995. Throughout his 42-year career, Albano guided 15 different tag teams and four singles competitors to championship gold. Albano was part of the "Triumvirate of Terror," a threesome of nefarious WWF managers that also included The Grand Wizard of Wrestling and Freddie Blassie. The trio would be fixtures in the company for a decade, until the Grand Wizard's death in 1983. A unique showman, with an elongated beard, rubber band facial piercings, and loud outfits, Albano was the forefather of the 1980s Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection. Collaborating with Cyndi Lauper, Albano helped usher in wrestling's crossover success with a mainstream audience. Capitalizing on his success, he later ventured into Hollywood with various television, film, and music projects. He became well-known to a new generation of fans as the actor and voice of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Movie Character Year
Oqsccu44cdnxkz4nntrg9cgyqxm WWE The Brawl to End it All Captain Lou Albano 1984
Vkz322xpkzcqgfegwjymb8eihsp WWE WrestleMania Captain Lou Albano 1985
Qbiw0wohe1izl9mw8in3mfo1dnv WWE WrestleMania II Captain Lou Albano 1986
Qzuaxy73yahvmfj47qffpcot0ll WWE The Big Event Captain Lou Albano 1986
Gxvdgrtplh1bcbrwuzi3htt6qqs It's a Complex World Boris Lee 1992