Michael Lockwood

Age: 42
Birthplace: Anaheim, CA

Michael John "Mike" Lockwood was an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Crash Holly (or simply Crash), in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) promotion. Lockwood wrestled on the independent circuit, briefly for Extreme Championship Wrestling, before signing a contract with the World Wrestling Federation in 1999. He debuted as Hardcore Holly's storyline cousin, Crash Holly. He found his greatest success in WWF/E's Hardcore Division, winning the WWE Hardcore Championship 22 times and earning the nickname "The Houdini Of Hardcore" for his ability to escape tricky situations with his championship intact. In June 2003, he was released from WWE and joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling as Mad Mikey, a perpetually angry character. He remained with TNA until he died four months later. As well as a Hardcore Champion, he was a one-time European Champion, a one-time Light Heavyweight Champion and a one-time Tag Team Champion, with Hardcore Holly (The Holly Cousins).

Movie Character Year
Gvdqenwqxt5tnyparxt1hexbeki WWE Backlash 2000 Crash Holly 2000
7drbqbsgjnxpv11axsxbbbv71sx WWE Insurrextion 2000 Crash Holly 2000
J9yhiwf6i8ltj5hgfsd7halgexr WWE King of the Ring 2000 Crash Holly 2000
E9trxuxkejxcol4vbwmgshdsjma WWE Unforgiven 2000 Crash Holly 2000
2lgu3simnx31gqz84o13gkngtzn WWE Survivor Series 2000 Crash Holly 2000
Ykartvf3x03hh7s8igstxuusvgp WWE Rebellion 2000 Crash Holly 2000
B5976vralco7t8t9vuv5xfqk0dh WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Crash Holly 2001
Dctu9u8mbwaircntyzl2vmk9wm8 WWE Rebellion 2002 Crash Holly 2002