Chuck Palumbo

Age: 42

Charles "Chuck" Palumbo is a former American professional wrestler. Palumbo is best known for his time in World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. Throughout his career, he has become a six-time World Tag Team Champion (four times in WCW and twice in WWF/E).

Movie Character Year
7ehs72httbyhxzatr2cvgxpxxns WWE Royal Rumble 2002 Chuck 2002
Anukgonxtp4rz4o5a1wcz0hdqz9 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Chuck 2002
Klpoc344dttuyihfd3jk89fheqq WWE Backlash 2002 Chuck 2002
Grs5nskirypfgh4nj4tvjiina6n WWE Judgment Day 2002 Chuck 2002
Apdkvgbvvcppzgl7kw4tpwgat2w WWE Global Warning Chuck 2002
Ikltxdfpfivjhphz8wv5bjlfggl WWE Unforgiven 2002 Chuck 2002
Dctu9u8mbwaircntyzl2vmk9wm8 WWE Rebellion 2002 Himself 2002
Jpnl38zsb3kbcpm2gxq1v5oxtp0 WWE Royal Rumble 2008 Himself 2008