Carlos Colón Jr.

Age: 35

Carlos Edwin "Carly" Colón, Jr. is a Puerto Rican professional wrestler better known internationally by his ring name Carlito. He belongs to a wrestling family, being the son of Carlos Colón, Sr., who introduced him to wrestling. His mother was born in Canada, which grants him the Canadian citizenship. Colón debuted in his father's promotion, the World Wrestling Council (WWC), becoming a 13-time WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion. During the early years of his career, he made appearances for the X Wrestling Federation and Funking Conservatory, winning his first international championship for the second. In his native Puerto Rico, he is known as both Carly Colón and Carlito. In 2003, Colón signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), working for the promotion until 2010. He worked in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) for sixteen months, mostly wrestling in tag team matches while making appearances in WWC. On October 7, 2004, Colón made his debut performing on the main event of SmackDown! as Carlito Caribbean Cool. Colón is a former United States Champion and Intercontinental Champion and has been part of both the Raw and SmackDown brands. He is the only wrestler to win a championship on two separate debuts in WWE and the second Puerto Rican to become Intercontinental Champion after Pedro Morales. At WrestleMania XXV, Colón and his brother, Eddie Colón, became the only tag team to unify the WWE Tag Team Championship and World Tag Team Championship.

Movie Character Year
Dfnlp80ykzjaxcojy6py239el38 WWE Judgment Day 2005 Carlito 2005
6co3fynepqbg1m04wakwdt6wgie WWE Vengeance 2005 Carlito 2005
Bptfkc0enqgwep611saufji0lv8 WWE Unforgiven 2005 Carlito 2005
Wtaeyzomudbppktwoejrvnftzv WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Carlito 2005
G9o3zpehwdwsqa8mhfgdt7mbdpr WWE Survivor Series 2005 Carlito 2005
Hz0xcyyft3rwarlkxnr4viytrwp WWE New Year's Revolution 2006 Carlito 2006
L3lofa8dt3tnw1jmtlm0mriahfn WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Carlito 2006
62q6opj4l7xdasctnoi2iimcakn WWE WrestleMania 22 Carlito 2006
Josvpldihjozagg95yyphncu96g WWE Vengeance 2006 Carlito 2006
2hythqzfovlr94yecn2zsqg9nbt WWE Unforgiven 2006 Carlito 2006
Jpnl38zsb3kbcpm2gxq1v5oxtp0 WWE Royal Rumble 2008 Carlito 2008
D7xhzgf1sm31cm0g3idgbjoyqhb WWE Night of Champions 2009 Carlito 2009
Jlqpgphevcexed663lq6tjyipc WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Carlito 2010
Kgzdfbgthf8uaca1awupidmb5vy CM Punk: Best in the World Carlito 2012