Trinity McCray

Age: 26

Trinity McCray is an American dancer, model and professional wrestler signed with WWE. She is best known by her ring name Naomi. In 2010, Naomi was part of the third season of NXT, where she came in second place. In 2012, Naomi joined Cameron in forming The Funkadactyls. In 2013, Trinity was featured as one of the main cast of the 2013 Total Divas reality television show.

Movie Character Year
Bar0tuwki773fu7ahnrpp5jnjel WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Naomi 2012
S1j11hddxep1vfy0utrbvmhwmoy WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Naomi 2012
Rsdz6mdvywq8sxq9bfzng4zwiob WWE Over The Limit 2012 Naomi 2012
Jowsk5gvkixlcvwazndr2uj1x0a WWE No Way Out 2012 Naomi 2012
Ejgdvyjfa9gbr27trkxqrhreph2 WWE Survivor Series 2012 Naomi 2012
Du75ownvfrwat0ibyoj8utnaldf WWE TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2012 Naomi 2012
Vbkatl0qrfxyxkcrdudmnko5thd WWE SummerSlam 2013 Naomi 2013
Nl487pnyaaiuco5fc6ojyjc6tiy WWE Night of Champions 2013 Naomi 2013
Mveitesv4ndjar1kgnfxgpdwvf5 WWE Survivor Series 2013 Naomi 2013