Matt Lanter

Age: 31
Birthplace: Ohio

Matt Lanter was born in northeastern Ohio in 1983, but later moved to Atlanta, Georgia when he was eight years old. He spent much of his time playing sports including baseball, football, and golf. His love for baseball led him to a position as a bat boy with the Atlanta Braves. After high school, his interest in the film and television industry created a strong desire to pursue acting. While studying at the University of Georgia, Matt decided to move to Los Angeles to follow his dreams of making it a career.

Movie Character Year
Xd6yhmts6meurzlwudt5raembf Star Wars: The Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker (voice) 2008
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Tqlo7gproqocg2732z2gjjqkqgw Sorority Row Kyle 2009
Bv0zvrlzxrrlfax8df4v8haa7oh Vampires Suck Edward 2010
Tcdjlsksz5tyeg6plvfoml2szky The Roommate Jason 2011
4oboasigew9z4r5xqhtuvmpzngk Secret of the Wings Sled 2012
4evc3dvkdhwtu4w2cusfn1lqjfs Liars All Mike 2013