Jack Klugman

Age: 92
Birthplace: philadelphia, PA, USA

As a film character actor, Klugman was the epitome of the everyman. He was one of the pioneers of television acting in the 1950s, and is best remembered for his 1970s TV work as Oscar Madison on "The Odd Couple" (1970) and as the medical examiner on "Quincy M.E." (1976).

Movie Character Year
Mswbmpecmv7npktbmcpyugzfqfh 12 Angry Men Juror 5 1957
Ripyic4hob7govdeqjmudasmyw2 Days of Wine and Roses Jim Hungerford 1962
3xkkodkxmlgqv8hxlulhirjvqwg Act One Joe Hyman 1963
2r6w9q20pks8yfexsqqhetlrixa The Detective Dave Schoenstein 1968
1ciyn02tvnohlhipllzxtgxz0gk Two-Minute Warning Stu Sandmann 1976
Ukb1tazb3etfgzzgmauy5kxzw3r Around the World in 80 Days Capt. Bunsby 1989