Jeff Bridges

Age: 64
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

American actor Jeff Bridges has starred in over 50 films during his lengthy career.  He comes from a family of performers and was introduced to show business by his father Lloyd.  Jeff is most famous for his work in the films Big Lebowski (1998), Seabiscuit  (2003), Crazy Heart (2009), and most recently True Grit (2010).  His accolades include a long list of Academy Award nominations, and one win for Best Actor in 2010.

Bridges was born in 1949 and grew up in Los Angeles, California.  After high school Jeff traveled to New York to study acting at the famous Herbert Berghof Studio. In the late 1960's Jeff served in the US Coast Guard, and stayed on reserve through the early 1970's to avoid Vietnam. As a child Jeff got a start in acting through his father Lloyd, and even starred in two of his television shows.

Jeff achieved major success early in his career when he was nominated for an Academy Award  in his first major film, the 1971 drama Last Picture Show.  Three years later he starred opposite of Clint Eastwood in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.  By 1976 Bridges was casted in the first remake of King Kong , which turned out to be a huge commercial success raking in more than 90 million dollars. Over the next three decades Bridges went on to star in over 50 films and win countless awards for his work. More recently Jeff starred in the 2009 film Crazy Heart, which earned him his first Academy Award for Best Actor.

In 1977 Jeff married Susan Geston, the two met while filming Ranch Deluxe. Together they have three daughters.  In 1984 Bridges (along with other entertainment industry leaders) founded the End Hunger Network, a humanitarian effort which aims to eliminate childhood hunger in the US by 2015. Along with his charitable work, Jeff is also known for his music and photography.

Movie Character Year
Jfewje8lykosludlsszezka2tco The Last Picture Show Duane Jackson 1971
72owd4v1pc9di8jzj0f0mj2qwlb Fat City Ernie 1972
Wpe3ksjzi75rtfkhvnmttdoxtop Bad Company Drew Dixon 1972
Nr1acz5vwoosta7m60jrlj96cqg Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Lightfoot 1974
Lke64cscferu41kxfnpqxwid1wx King Kong Jack Prescott 1976
Iupf7fs5t52k0efe6vufdjvc6lg Winter Kills Nick Kegan 1979
Sxi7w4kmoeumcxgx8xkemdlpt1n Heaven's Gate John L. Bridges 1980
Ctf8lpxvawt1slh9kvfzzl0ao0d TRON Kevin Flynn/Clu 1982
4ylcnwgodramak6x3aom0cr5agn The Last Unicorn Prince Lir (voice) 1982
9baen2kj8dk1uckwn9jd63xoiim Against All Odds Terry Brogan 1984
Dhpecuivgki1zdakegt3h64wltq Starman Starman 1984
Tmw0qae4tjlwdtqhwrwcizlump2 Jagged Edge Jack Forrester 1985
3n9awbxn929bcms3thtt5kdqrk4 8 Million Ways to Die Matthew 'Matt' Scudder 1986
Ksvn6zhmoqp7v3rwugg3jwojyqk The Morning After Turner Kendall 1986
Snos8jxl2kvypbvdxumxpf7vbta Nadine Vernon Hightower 1987
Gjyj3nqt5xilaqlhbwsxrowpcde The Fabulous Baker Boys Jack Baker 1989
Ab2shh1iomq1fuc1pwdpkvbpwvj The Fisher King Jack Lucas 1991
Srg6znbqhm2bmtjlwdespc5zqty The Vanishing Barney Cousins 1993
Bszimsbgqrude0sqkegptrr2uul Fearless Max Klein 1993
3a5nomeyzjf4gg26houctce99ki White Squall Captain Christopher 'Skipper' Sheldon 1996
Ahavjvoxenanfwuwq92sg7tosfm The Big Lebowski Jeffrey Lebowski 1998
5cudlzfmxgi9e7mzrixbab676r3 Arlington Road Michael Faraday 1999
H1ls2tpbs1hjvfu09cffrgy10m9 The Contender President Jackson Evans 2000
Imyvshhgjm6g0znmnzktq6da2vm K-PAX Dr. Mark Powell 2001
U5aywzelgo3wkkgs5tqalei0xs6 The Making of TRON Himself 2002
Vb05veakmv0zz7y3dsp4g6k0jj Lost in La Mancha Narrator 2002
Xzyoafgzbnaciqxrasqq8syxbsi Seabiscuit Charles Howard 2003
X0s5fdepklgemryplgxlumiepcn The Door in the Floor Ted Cole 2004
R4m3plfhwbxrm25tf2nivgesa7a Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard Himself 2006
Qabsosmoozri7kycnrxnb6yvbl3 Tideland Noah 2006
Eqamh22sserb9owxhrga4kp7dez Surf's Up Big Z / Geek 2007
S2ig9qxfhjyxittkyroyfbshwzq Iron Man Obadiah Stane 2008
Giqp469k4w7158zg0vqndfo3qdk How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Clayton Harding 2008
Ddkzvyiko85cl4p2qtj6g6liamg The Men Who Stare at Goats Bill Django 2009
Apojg3ukh74fc9s0jjhj0m3ptre Crazy Heart Bad Blake 2009
Ezw5rv0peogrc0ry12lwzolpwmx TRON: Legacy Kevin Flynn / Clu 2010
Qc7vaf5fietllaykdp3wldlmyrh True Grit Rooster Cogburn 2010
Spveb7m7dm3nh2gadyat0pdmsz0 TRON: The Next Day Kevin Flynn 2011
Krkdkhr4emucv7qaqecvmvtvoom A Place at the Table Himself 2012
C8j2aojuc60jksnaplvsmgktgma R.I.P.D. Bo 2013
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3bjlnl3x0wbphpukj3o5syolxbd Seventh Son Master Gregory 2015