Tommy Cook

Age: 84

Movie Character Year
Gk5tivgkyvgbkna4wdxb55uscu4 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Kimba 1946
W7jdjxn0hkx6puk4clifoq31t8d Humoresque Phil Boray - child 1946
Y7vtkyjvclu0ga61btdf6qzgohp Cry of the City Tony Rome 1948
Fvoktkc8cwfmnasm39tuknvlocn Panic in the Streets Vince Poldi - Younger Brother 1950
2ayvcrttawsxa3jm4pdfzylgmb American Guerrilla in the Philippines Miguel 1950
Aevp75fnbmxsjmi3wl9v6n3g2sp The Battle at Apache Pass Little Elk 1952
Xmxh0haydy3tjz1snhkqwcjyanr Night Passage Howdy Sladen 1957
N0eohllqddjk4ytmhzivkdatmyw Missile to the Moon Gene Fennell 1958