Fernando Rey

Age: 96
Birthplace: A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

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Fernando Rey  (September 20, 1917 – March 9, 1994) — best known as Fernando Rey — was a Spanish film, theatre, and TV actor, who worked in both Europe and the United States. A suave, international actor best known for his roles in the films of surrealist director Luis Buñuel (Tristana, 1970; Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, 1972; That Obscure Object of Desire, 1977) and as a drug lord in The French Connection (1971), he appeared in more than 150 films over half a century.
The debonair Rey was described by French Connection producer Philip D'Antoni as "the last of the Continental guys". He achieved his greatest notoriety after he turned 50: "Perhaps it is a pity that my success came so late in life", he told The Times of Madrid in 1973. "It might have been better to have been successful while young, like El Cordobes in the bullring. Then your life is all before you to enjoy it."

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Kztxeynurmiwybygrhexgihehjp French Connection II Alain Charnier 1975
4vdpluk4tpgft7xvwcjukuf6vvt Tarot Arthur 1973
Seutvbaciwc9ae8z26lt3lxvd07 Tristana Don Lope 1970
Itlejpujtpprn8n84rfupi093co High Crime Cafiero 1973
N5o4322njr6ym3mhua3ixqy60jz The French Connection Alain Charnier 1971
S0f9hf3sohvlvwzaoboalmkg3hq That Obscure Object of Desire Mathieu Faber 1977
Xffdpwj6gy2bhwsbffrduzqep5e Viridiana Don Jaime 1961
Wrm2ld0q9kiendbvsilyrkaodup Guns of the Magnificent Seven Quintero 1969
X9vnvxxrqfdpnkufl7idkkwbagn Poison at 2:30 1959
Sh5yoip50duxne7uc9ffzjjd284 Navajo Joe Father Rattigan 1966
Lqciyrfdktirjt7cgclhxk3beh3 Son of a Gunfighter Don Pedro Fortuna 1965
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Jttuvdarjp0v8ekvegotcawvicr The Light at the Edge of the World Captain Moriz 1971
4gd6yct743wavwnrxvzg5rglixa Antony and Cleopatra 1972
2mpdn4o3jmfka22gfbuepdwi9gf The Savage Guns Don Hernán 1962
Teytinl38qak8u0ghinoxmckwmt Return of the Seven Priest 1966
Vqzyzfvjafn0eyzvgb4c317x9oi Voyage of the Damned President Bru 1976
U0dbdnopssycsoi9auk1x8kjpbd The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Don Rafael 1972
Dg1btyogibpl45ie7b9oxhcirp6 Mi general Director Almirante 1987