Catherine Bell

Age: 45
Birthplace: London, England, UK

Tall and athletic actress Catherine Bell was born in London, England, but moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was still a kid. Intending to study pre-Med in college, she dropped out to pursue a modeling career in Japan. After doing some commercials, she returned to L.A. to made guest star appearances on TV shows and do minor film work.
She was Isabella Rosellini's nude body double for Death Becomes Her in 1992, leading her to meet her future husband (Adam Deason) on the film's set. After making a short guest appearance on the NBC show JAG, she wrote a letter to the show's producers expressing her interest in it. In 1996, JAG moved to CBS and she joined the cast as Major Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie, sidekick to Lt. Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb (David James Elliott). As a real-life kickboxer and snowboarder, her athletic skills lead the way for physically demanding parts in the action movies Men of War, Crash Dive, and Black Thunder. In 2000 she starred in the sci-fi thriller Thrill Seekers with Casper Van Dien, and in 2003 she briefly moved to comedies for Bruce Almighty. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

Movie Character Year
Wrffk3hmjihn0ys772eextnixuj Men of War Grace Lashield 1994
2ztgopalnopdj7i5sagyf6pqofd Crash Dive Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Stark 1997
W1siziisijiwmtmvmdqvmdgvmtuvmzgvntevndm2lze0mjndtfpvefrubfzrogzmqwt2c2jome43rs5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Black Thunder Lisa 1998
Oha5eaejh7chpshnssppnx4ta6l Bruce Almighty Susan Ortega 2003
Pahalre4ewatdktflg1pza67hol The Triangle Emily Patterson 2005
Aoz9aohd0mcyzdlwtqfxs98hxsf Last Man Standing Abby Collins 2011
1ovxv2ps2iygfppgitsqns29xup The Good Witch's Charm Cassandra Nightingale 2012
W1siziisijiwmtmvmtevmdqvmtqvntavmjuvnty2l2czzgfwaewznw4xmmw2anbgnkfrmfzcrzrpms5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq The Good Witch's Destiny Cassandra Nightingale 2013