Robert Downey Jr.

Age: 49
Birthplace: New York City, New York, USA

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Robert John Downey, Jr. (born April 4, 1965) is an American actor. Downey made his screen debut in 1970, at the age of five, when he appeared in his father's film Pound, and has worked consistently in film and television ever since. During the 1980s he had roles in a series of coming of age films associated with the Brat Pack. Less Than Zero (1987) is particularly notable, not only because it was the first time Downey's acting would be acknowledged by critics, but also because the role pushed Downey's already existing drug habit one step further. After Zero, Downey started landing roles in bigger films such as Air America (1990), Soapdish (1991) and Natural Born Killers (1994). He played Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 film Chaplin, for which he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

Between 1996 and 2001, Downey was frequently arrested on drug-related charges and went through several drug treatment programs, but had difficulty staying clean. After being released from the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in 2000, Downey joined the cast of the hit television series Ally McBeal, playing the new love interest of Calista Flockhart's title character. His performance was praised and received accolades, but his character was written out when Downey was fired after two drug arrests in late 2000 and early 2001. After one last stay in a court-ordered drug treatment program, Downey finally achieved lasting sobriety and his career began to take off again. He appeared in semi-independent films such as The Singing Detective (2003), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), and A Scanner Darkly (2006). He also had supporting roles in the mainstream films Gothika (2003) and Zodiac (2007). In 2004, Downey released his debut studio album The Futurist.

In 2007, Downey was cast as the title character in the comic book adaptation Iron Man. The film was a huge success; the opening weekend for Iron Man is still in the top 20 openings of all time. He reprised the role of Tony Stark in the 2010 sequel, Iron Man 2, and will again in 2012 in The Avengers and in the third movie of the planned trilogy, Iron Man 3, due to open in 2013. In addition to receiving commercial success, Downey's performance in the first Iron Man film received rave reviews. Downey was nominated for—and won—a number of end-of-year awards from critics and film associations around the world. Downey's other 2008 films included Charlie Bartlett and the Ben Stiller-directed Tropic Thunder, in which he portrayed an Australian method actor overly engrossed in his role as an African-American soldier. He received his second Oscar nomination for the film, in the category of Best Supporting Actor. In 2009, Downey starred as the titular lead character in Guy Ritchie's adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, released Christmas 2009. Soon after, Downey won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for that portrayal of the famous detective

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Movie Character Year
Nx6bqu98ilqowzoavrzi983kc6y Tuff Turf Jimmy Parker (as Robert Downey) 1985
36hddzufepcrjhoaskfc9tbnebs Weird Science Ian 1985
H5bcn1bhbmcoxuuqpwknmwcf0ch Back to School Derek 1986
4qx7f9nmdzvowdwb8ak4bncfyrn The Pick-up Artist Jack Jericho 1987
Lhllxxyjmrtqy2auxzco6wqynqm Less Than Zero Julian Wells 1987
K5zahbf1impx5tyyac5es8wkmu7 Johnny Be Good Leo Wiggins 1988
Slpujwomk09d2bbbfvdipnzhbqu Chances Are Alex Finch 1989
E5rvmpanwgcm3rrqqqnxkw8naw2 Air America Billy Covington 1990
Mmsmkfl4vy3tqs2l3umpbhqpapz Soapdish David Seton Barnes 1991
X9fzhpc0d9s2a9yws4zmxxhnhms Chaplin Charles Spencer Chaplin 1992
Jgo8vyhtjqosothbj8g8farmuql Heart and Souls Thomas Reilly 1993
Zhms4ulviap0sx2gxnddtoaoj2g Short Cuts Bill Bush 1993
W5sruotq87pfagrjqyyacom1c4a Natural Born Killers Wayne Gale 1994
9yex61n0fi7tph8sed5bydfduqb Richard III Earl Rivers 1995
Blz1vpybefblztws94gqnfk1w3f One Night Stand Charlie 1997
Pujmmetuh6s4obgyiui4huz8jzz The Gingerbread Man Clyde Pell 1998
Ormhwkzhpw5k5vdglm1clhqyajo U.S. Marshals John Royce 1998
4pevy2vsvjffzeamm7cwempwmrk Bowfinger Jerry Renfro 1999
Fv2h62dczytyzrsngjm4wdxuwbc Wonder Boys Terry Crabtree 2000
Popcorn Whatever We Do Bobby 2003
5lgqfcol418nt3jd9yjbnfyxjaz The Singing Detective Dan Dark 2003
Jwtivni21ehap8qbkjkvun2sysa Gothika Pete Graham 2003
Dm7bp0b9ergrk0cahephbpu3ddx The Route V50 Traveller 2004
1uy6xipffengeysxat6cr9xwbi8 Eros Nick Penrose 2004
Lv7c9j2fjhp8mjqep3bqtdcj9jf Good Night, and Good Luck. Joe Wershba 2005
18ghwx66uaddy7gm9nl8wry5gsw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry Lockhart 2005
Fcfjrtbd4pgko7jlv0ecyobannc The Shaggy Dog Dr. Kozak 2006
7b7ydlb6a0ldg4e9botvox2tqmw Hubert Selby Jr: It' ll Be Better Tomorrow Narrator 2006
Ws0qhf2rtwap84bkgr9hkhznamx A Scanner Darkly James Barris 2006
8ghjacdn3rrcpxbfbjx4lztjecd A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints Dito 2006
Nkubb208rw6ltpj1a4grbe4oub5 Zodiac Paul Avery 2007
Q25yfzgva5pahou8xccygvxsk9e Charlie Bartlett Nathan Gardner 2007
S2ig9qxfhjyxittkyroyfbshwzq Iron Man Tony Stark / Iron Man 2008
Lgcfrvbamtfmpuggfylbxoailkk The Incredible Hulk Tony Stark 2008
Zowudaawkpdyr9b0il0ycggdwgj Tropic Thunder Kirk Lazarus 2008
V1iburqg8frwenicqlkob2akdi0 The Soloist Steve Lopez 2009
Lev8cmuhtmwyqw1hnrcmcm8veaq Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes 2009
Zatr7yabghyxtqutzc9ovhxshha Iron Man 2 Tony Stark / Iron Man 2010
88m6hpuedndnucgwda2bta9sk8m Due Date Peter Highman 2010
Gqcdxbrrp7vzpd5jn0slvp7pmrs Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant Tony Stark 2011
Fb4itmeqewg7nnklzdcth6zgna0 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Sherlock Holmes 2011
Cezwgskpy5x7gaglttrn4fugfb8 The Avengers Tony Stark / Iron Man 2012
1ilv6ryhuv6rt9zisbsejummbei Iron Man 3 Tony Stark / Iron Man 2013
W1siziisijiwmtqvmdmvmjevmtyvmdmvmdavmzk2l3jhytntvgw2vtzqbxdnb0swcklvnetbcnlnci5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe Himself/Tony Stark/Iron Man 2014
Byz7vs2yp6fx8rcwb7b3fs5agsh Chef 2014
Dgvkltataglzmvcja5ac3k6bakr The Avengers: Age of Ultron Tony Stark / Iron Man 2015