Patrick Stewart

Age: 73
Birthplace: Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England

Patrick Hewes Stewart is an English film, television and stage actor. He has had a distinguished career in theatre and television for around half a century. He is most widely known for his television and film roles, as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and as Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films. Stewart was born in Mirfield near Dewsbury in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England, the son of Gladys, a weaver and textile worker, and Alfred Stewart, a Regimental Sergeant Major in the British Army who served with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and previously worked as a general labourer and as a postman. Stewart and his first wife, Sheila Falconer, have two children: Daniel Freedom and Sophie Alexandra. Stewart and Falconer divorced in 1990. In 1997, he became engaged to Wendy Neuss, one of the producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and they married on 25 August 2000, divorcing three years later. Four months prior to his divorce from Neuss, Stewart played opposite actress Lisa Dillon in a production of The Master Builder. The two dated for four years, but are no longer together. He is now seeing Sunny Ozell; at 31, she is younger than his daughter. "I just don't meet women of my age," he explains. Stewart has been a prolific actor in performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company, appearing in over 60 productions.

Movie Character Year
Y2rl0okmfzhpbaqypfsjmlmoxwp NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind Yupa (English version) 1984
Wuiuqivuwiuyswhevtdoqrlrlpn Dune Gurney Halleck 1984
Rpohc04riz2nhubwaebu3dgn18t Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection-Nemesis (Blu-ray) Captain Jean-Luc Piccard 0000
Mcifan837w7ja9tk2obpmjazmin Star Trek: Generations Captain Jean-Luc Picard 1994
O8zkgyww4kddet95jhmf1yv5mrh Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage Narrator (Voice) 2014
Fdmz0uhwdqzb6atntaoqdfdqd9x X2: X-Men United Professor Charles Xavier 2003
Buatdszhwejgkw5godbcsg5nrhw Moby Dick Captain Ahab 1998
3f1ocsqmsk0i3vr6biqj0ojzhbi Star Trek: Insurrection Captain Jean-Luc Picard 1998
N4tplwpi062aofiq4kwmapnbsva Star Trek: Nemesis Captain Jean-Luc Picard 2002
Ddcbfidyi3bgn5yta9h5xybukc0 X-Men: Days of Future Past Charles Xavier / Professor X 2014
Vef1vo2b4fg2ipzcgiku0pgbncb Bambi II The Great Prince / Stag (voice) 2006
5ieiy3tsdtashrxnagi2tq34o23 The Captains Himself 2011
Njgddle2ogcllkxv2lsiqwzejsa Hunting Elephants 2013
1w60fhxy16phz0txgc9ztbg4fac Hamlet Claudius / Ghost 2009
4kyj7fujzheg7xz8j3ompi7gdww X-Men Professor Charles Xavier 2000
Koglsj9b2dsuo23xx4v8yyhftqr A Good Day to Die Hard Russian General 2013
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Tfaf8rm6hmo4fsoafqwj5tc5vzy The Pagemaster Adventure (voice) 1994
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Y9vnhiqqyo2xqtytmbki5zpume7 Conspiracy Theory Dr. Jonas 1997
He2o0n4zfk2htz7xkajg0g9qz34 In Search of Dr. Seuss Sergeant Mulvaney 1994
Aukxxzfako11bl4yjmzeczeixg2 Chicken Little Mr. Woolensworth 2005
5qpan7zbar6d3fotveimx0qzxhg X-Men: The Last Stand Charles Xavier / Professor X 2006
Vpp9no2mrjhrva1r4elffv2lmiz Gunmen Loomis 1993
4fe4uju1aqavymx9kkfvrn3aupp Star Trek: First Contact Captain Jean-Luc Picard 1996
4l0vvxb5nfwjkdn8fgcydveauzy The Captain's Summit Himself 2009
Ggwfazcb1pi8komr39iayuj657t Lifeforce Dr. Armstrong 1985
X9ygezy6ijdhuiqsdvzm8xnzedx Borg War Jean Luc Picard 2006
3pd3sdot0hfqtfzqgtuzaf4kcxp Robin Hood: Men in Tights King Richard 1993
4hgzz2dajdu6ijht7dgfivatheu TMNT Max Winters (voice) 2007
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Atcbhtqq7khw5z1ksvxdo6nckwf Gnomeo & Juliet William Shakespeare (voice) 2011
6h3txdm9fm60bnrlyegotdayoao Animal Farm Napoleon (voice) 1999
K92r5uhzqqsctbs6o9rig79s4u L.A. Story Mr. Perdue 1991
729brpr84yxb03msnwamz6ukotk Back to Gaya Albert Drollinger (voice: English version) 2004
Carghlovnnsepht9uzxtj74i7le Ted Narrator (voice) 2012
Xpq9tanncgbexrcawmqort3jctc Excalibur Leondegrance 1981
5k5d7gqopjmzq68k7z82bvlb3xm Wild Geese II Russian General 1985
Imelbb1xamrdnnb6luzmjt03onf Safe House Mace Sowell 1998
Zxqvinbbdmssqwqpna0zt9o4ggm Earth Narrator 2007