Paul Levesque

Age: 44
Birthplace: Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paul Michael Lévesque  (born July 27, 1969)[3] is an American professional wrestler, actor and WWE executive, better known by his ring name Triple H, an abbreviation of his former ring name, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. As well as wrestling on the Raw brand, Levesque is a Senior Advisor to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and Head of WWE's talent development department.

Before joining WWE, Levesque began his wrestling career with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1994, wrestling under the ring name Terra Ryzing and later as Jean-Paul Lévesque. Levesque joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1995 with the on-screen persona of wealthy sophisticate Hunter Hearst Helmsley.  He later abbreviated his name to Triple H and adopted an alternative image in the stable D-Generation X (DX). After the dissolution of DX, Triple H was pushed as a main event wrestler, winning several singles championships.  As part of a storyline, Triple H married Stephanie McMahon, who later became his real-life spouse. In 2003, Triple H formed another stable known as Evolution,  and in 2006 and 2009, reformed DX with Shawn Michaels. Overall, Levesque has won 23 championships in WWF/E, including thirteen World Championships, having won the WWF/E Championship a record eight times (tied with John Cena), and the World Heavyweight Championship five times (Triple H is also recognized as the first World Heavyweight Champion under WWE's lineage).  He has the highest number of world title reigns of all active WWE wrestlers. In addition, Levesque won the 1997 King of the Ring, the 2002 Royal Rumble, and was the second Grand Slam Championship winner. Outside wrestling, Levesque has made numerous guest appearances in film and on television.

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Movie Character Year
Aock26eo3hrrit25lquwt8mjsdv WWE SummerSlam 1995 Hunter Hearst Helmsley 1995
6dp6efflcj9a7akkkbixvakvzpw WWE In Your House 3: Triple Header Hunter Hearst Helmsley 1995
2sgvmvfsiq7fazixrx960agr6jn WWE In Your House 4: Great White North Hunter Hearst Helmsley 1995
E1622cgaoqbl8it2g5dqr2mygry WWE Survivor Series 1995 Hunter Hearst Helmsley 1995
A9g3x2nzfk1sq1udeeckztnzsne WWE In Your House 5: Seasons Beatings Hunter Hearst Helmsley 1995
Bgmhyjmr3db1apfmqsyalwaxeuo WWE SummerSlam 1998 Triple H 1998
9lccrvklf5kjqoe4ilqbwvtk7gd WWE WrestleMania XV Triple H 1999
7swlud1lzyk9wtwwwhlrhpod66u WWE Fully Loaded 1999 Triple H 1999
5rx0vggj1xnwpvytnq8bliixo3u WWE Royal Rumble 2000 Triple H 2000
Ryaph3evc66nhaxhfjzuivrlhfn WWE No Way Out 2000 Triple H 2000
Uhqviwq1gvhfeorxijkdhz1tq7p WWE WrestleMania 2000 Triple H 2000
Gvdqenwqxt5tnyparxt1hexbeki WWE Backlash 2000 Triple H 2000
7drbqbsgjnxpv11axsxbbbv71sx WWE Insurrextion 2000 Triple H 2000
Sm3uxkyk9xymesnmz9h8ftbjhgu WWE Judgment Day 2000 Triple H 2000
J9yhiwf6i8ltj5hgfsd7halgexr WWE King of the Ring 2000 Triple H 2000
Z2io4zqydgk6dnzrsc3jrpw1o4y WWE Fully Loaded 2000 Triple H 2000
Slbyarbxqbtooarfc3pzjehffon WWE SummerSlam 2000 Triple H 2000
E9trxuxkejxcol4vbwmgshdsjma WWE Unforgiven 2000 Triple H 2000
9mumuf1r2gkqauv8kfyjc8mpvps WWE No Mercy 2000 Triple H 2000
2lgu3simnx31gqz84o13gkngtzn WWE Survivor Series 2000 Triple H 2000
Mbejpe1flxbwrwubztfnspvh6bl WWE Armageddon 2000 Triple H 2000
B5976vralco7t8t9vuv5xfqk0dh WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Triple H 2001
Pso0vuxyohgy9fkwlaqwba6xwbt WWE No Way Out 2001 Triple H 2001
Hh113bypj6y6rnewcarznjdmcy2 WWE WrestleMania X-Seven Triple H 2001
Aaglecsmyihikxtiszoqzg0xein WWE Backlash 2001 Triple H 2001
7ehs72httbyhxzatr2cvgxpxxns WWE Royal Rumble 2002 Triple H 2002
Df4mscseamaqeujchp50vknryrn WWE No Way Out 2002 Triple H 2002
Anukgonxtp4rz4o5a1wcz0hdqz9 WWE Wrestlemania X8 Triple H 2002
Klpoc344dttuyihfd3jk89fheqq WWE Backlash 2002 Triple H 2002
3icjy16v3ds1lt4vsmjywsaab7e WWE Insurrextion 2002 Triple H 2002
Grs5nskirypfgh4nj4tvjiina6n WWE Judgment Day 2002 Triple H 2002
Vr61yw14xkjgwybcuu7dxh76jon WWE King of the Ring 2002 Triple H 2002
Apdkvgbvvcppzgl7kw4tpwgat2w WWE Global Warning Triple H 2002
Fppkxrfusmbnkhs9ifl7glmqkv4 WWE SummerSlam 2002 Triple H 2002
Ikltxdfpfivjhphz8wv5bjlfggl WWE Unforgiven 2002 Triple H 2002
5tcse15imqkgzoagvogh66spwmn WWE No Mercy 2002 Triple H 2002
Wca1lt8lfclyfjeyro1yi3ten9j WWE Survivor Series 2002 Triple H 2002
Dl6wohs4j9tysaiitwaz9xchaal WWE Armageddon 2002 Triple H 2002
T1qisseqsokcp2vfsprpnwxsytp WWE Wrestlemania XIX Triple H 2003
4winsdhqbdh5att7bd7t7dbuxbb Blade: Trinity Jarko Grimwood 2004
A3x44rq0a8xkbjoiws1nehfrgcq WWE New Year's Revolution 2005 Triple H 2005
Hrnch9n9fxxtthwfx4cccsip2l6 WWE Backlash 2005 Triple H 2005
6co3fynepqbg1m04wakwdt6wgie WWE Vengeance 2005 Triple H 2005
Wtaeyzomudbppktwoejrvnftzv WWE Taboo Tuesday 2005 Triple H 2005
G9o3zpehwdwsqa8mhfgdt7mbdpr WWE Survivor Series 2005 Triple H 2005
Hz0xcyyft3rwarlkxnr4viytrwp WWE New Year's Revolution 2006 Triple H 2006
L3lofa8dt3tnw1jmtlm0mriahfn WWE Royal Rumble 2006 Triple H 2006
62q6opj4l7xdasctnoi2iimcakn WWE WrestleMania 22 Triple H 2006
Josvpldihjozagg95yyphncu96g WWE Vengeance 2006 Triple H 2006
2hythqzfovlr94yecn2zsqg9nbt WWE Unforgiven 2006 Triple H 2006
Jpnl38zsb3kbcpm2gxq1v5oxtp0 WWE Royal Rumble 2008 Triple H 2008
Dzprarzfdsgr4qoqc9yhvbqext WWE WrestleMania XXV Triple H 2009
D7xhzgf1sm31cm0g3idgbjoyqhb WWE Night of Champions 2009 Triple H 2009
X51ddupcymjss7gjuz4bqkgpu4q WWE SummerSlam 2009 Triple H 2009
7nufjccq6sjyxxweq4i7ukbihsa WWE Breaking Point 2009 Triple H 2009
Egssm9veill68ior7hmovk2nupu WWE: The Best of Smackdown - 10th Anniversary 1999-2009 Triple H 2009
Gqomp6l0pi2cput8iewgk4nnldw WWE TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2009 Triple H 2009
Jlqpgphevcexed663lq6tjyipc WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Triple H 2010
Tarpaysh6jcnvb8sfvtsgyrkj9j WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 Triple H 2010
T9umckr0n5qfksqovdvzmq9rc6d WWE Wrestlemania XXVI Triple H 2010
Rtuyxhuajdstpca8ppljhhslj8j The Chaperone Ray Bradstone 2011
G61cpwmnorwz0lqdqqeoeye5zrm WWE WrestleMania XXVII Triple H 2011
A7bb3kftek947aq4dnoxyez6v3r WWE SummerSlam 2011 Triple H 2011
Tctgyfgiixmj9fd0wzg6cn7l3hx Randy Orton: The Evolution Of A Predator Triple H 2011
Kvtsjnliqrvakmhcb6l4jwdiusq WWE Night of Champions 2011 Triple H 2011
35bcko7y7jaq9bvzzc0dtaanowm Inside Out Arlo Jayne 2011
Dqf8ttnexkhuhe4wz9moi4cxlji WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Triple H 2011
Ktvfsgklbgcroqpnlwpogr5mbe2 WWE Vengeance 2011 Triple H 2011
Mkrgn1pbexlpexnyajtftmbrfwo Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time Triple H 2011
Gdsu6kgax9coyh5cklehejlus09 WWE TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2011 Triple H 2011
B1ld2plpyalysif5u5kcbypot6q WWE WrestleMania XXVIII Triple H 2012
Jowsk5gvkixlcvwazndr2uj1x0a WWE No Way Out 2012 Triple H 2012
Fp72lq3vn11khxh1vwbz2bhboa4 WWE SummerSlam 2012 Triple H 2012
4rdkecwioahkzersnilhxrkrvlq WWE WrestleMania 29 Triple H 2013
49kvlyembmqoiz8cxq1oobn9cn2 WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Triple H 2013
Vbkatl0qrfxyxkcrdudmnko5thd WWE SummerSlam 2013 Triple H 2013
N1c7blvgj1m39a8j3ln6kksjtay Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come Himself 2013
Kyhxm11abmf9nkzruquu91yjg5w WWE WrestleMania XXX Triple H 2014
I2pkz8ejqwh4ylppcj2nip7d5we WWE Payback 2014 Triple H 2014