Mel Gibson

Age: 58
Birthplace: Peekskill, New York USA

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Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson, AO (born January 3, 1956) is an actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. Born in Peekskill, New York, Gibson moved with his parents to Sydney, Australia when he was 12 years old and later studied acting at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art.

After appearing in the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series, Gibson went on to direct and star in the Academy Award-winning Braveheart. In 2004, he directed and produced The Passion of the Christ, a controversial, yet successful, film portraying the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Outside his career, remarks by Gibson have generated accusations of homophobia, antisemitism, racism, and misogyny; he has previously attributed the statements to his alcoholism.

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Unubbjcoc8mdzb8bkgdhy1eaebd Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Max Rockatansky 1981
3fbufmnltdkul3qolgeivldekjn The Year of Living Dangerously Guy Hamilton 1982
Dphmiuckarvnflmh4kisoj4q1aw The Bounty Fletcher Christian 1984
X6bdklcsk8nknq9ehfwcsx6ctvi Mrs. Soffel Ed Biddle 1984
Hfqfwhd5p8uiadrbrdas1moprra Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Mad Max Rockatansky 1985
Mf2btqjuxbzpeejrimra2weqvxu Lethal Weapon Sergeant Martin Riggs 1987
Qeyspeniooltib1vtfxifgbdnbu Lethal Weapon 2 Martin Riggs 1989
Vsee7dcsvzssjwj66al7kicssmt Bird on a Wire Rick Jarmin 1990
E5rvmpanwgcm3rrqqqnxkw8naw2 Air America Gene Ryack 1990
4ypm2kfdqurop0vxbrd4q6bkilp Lethal Weapon 3 Martin Riggs 1992
E7tusyb4t6rlglhh5ua6smsnqio Forever Young Capt. Daniel McCormick 1992
Hmmuobhwdg1ee1tgfm8dgu24qkf The Man Without a Face Justin McLeod 1993
7hpsthpkxkqkp9j51yjevxjmgap Maverick Bret Maverick 1994
4t4xqjxsdtnbzurlt6eh13kiy5h Braveheart William Wallace 1995
1pykwukkgh0st8mcaksrtcmifvj Casper Himself (uncredited) 1995
Cmk0gin2tdcmuvlyakk6maohsmh Pocahontas John Smith 1995
96pdw2qcx4g25vzlywni4xrqvqm Ransom Tom Mullen 1996
Y9vnhiqqyo2xqtytmbki5zpume7 Conspiracy Theory Jerry Fletcher 1997
Kpc9y0jhwtqtrlcetxbgn3crnlu Lethal Weapon 4 Martin Riggs 1998
Qq1uvrvitwpc1xrdjt8iolb6rib Payback Porter 1999
4wxozpcjxy2rqgs3yohuvkdittf The Million Dollar Hotel Detective Skinner 2000
Ovsdussvxiqrynlqv7f7ti4wyi The Patriot Benjamin Martin 2000
Z0mafjgunvyvbczicymkpkkhkbi Chicken Run Rocky 2000
Xil4pmdl2b5rrdsfekgmaol2scw What Women Want Nick Marshall 2000
Eqn8bcpwwgh6q6pxru3reujubdy We Were Soldiers Lt. Col. Hal Moore 2002
Uyzxsw00i9e4ptrf0z5lfuqk4w8 Signs Rev. Graham Hess 2002
5lgqfcol418nt3jd9yjbnfyxjaz The Singing Detective Dr. Gibbon 2003
Udjf6xjmbaucrdqy2l2mzfsjdi5 Payback: Straight Up Porter 2006
700hf5wmsns1ozkx0eqfegkplph Payback: Straight Up Porter 2006
U3kukekziarwvkflwo6zbynacpg Edge of Darkness Thomas Craven 2010
6yo4e8b0wbipihby01dq8r6dh8v Get the Gringo Driver 2012
L25bdtosycecvbqvnyjqmtfc2p Machete Kills Luther Voz 2013
Qr2blwdxt8qdcbfzc16hjxubgx8 The Expendables 3 Conrad Stonebanks 2014