Scatman Crothers

Age: 103
Birthplace: Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

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Benjamin Sherman "Scatman" Crothers (May 23, 1910 – November 22, 1986) was an American actor, singer, dancer and musician known for his work as Louie the Garbage Man on the TV show Chico and the Man, and as Dick Hallorann in The Shining in 1980. He was also a prolific voiceover artist, and provided the voices of Meadowlark Lemon in the animated TV version of The Harlem Globetrotters, Jazz the Autobot in The Transformers, the title character in Hong Kong Phooey, and Scat Cat in the 1970 film The Aristocats.

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Movie Character Year
4xmcat1yvmn8oomcrnb2ojc82ol The Aristocats Scat Cat 1970
Gsb1oeobcvg0ursyyaucz58c8ai Black Belt Jones Pop Byrd 1974
G0zkls2pcxhabzenenicn1wpms6 The Fortune Fisherman 1975
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Srr59gkjddxpwnwlew9noyfovyv One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Orderly Turkle 1975
4bgdqu2umw9y8yzi6heghe6mrce Silver Streak Ralston 1976
Kxilnwpxmpuxtovarce1yqjjq1w Roots Mingo 1977
Sgcdwfrvn4hvs5dx8cmo0ndh6uf Making 'The Shining' Himself 1980
Uhqqiisojxfjmoceedgr1pzx4lo The Shining Dick Hallorann 1980
V2u5cmarhbss7ozrx4zksvg8icu Bronco Billy Doc Lynch 1980