Paul Williams

Age: 73

Movie Character Year
Eyymxitrsr3a4ptxy9fnmdponnb The Loved One Gunther Fry 1965
2rknqaotznvxxnspx8pdbsvdcn0 Battle for the Planet of the Apes Virgil 1973
A9vhhk2mvgn60rtql469mhuhkc0 Phantom of the Paradise Swan 1974
19lqcyhn1m6cyklajozmhwx5ky2 Smokey and the Bandit Little Enos 1977
Ou5jvxxcg6ganhle5iqjktvh9cc Smokey and the Bandit II Little Enos Burdette 1980
Jxuvwzqupp7rtda8vo3gdgsckd2 Paul Williams Still Alive Himself 2012