Anne Gwynne

Age: 95
Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Anne Gwynne was signed by Universal Pictures when she was 20 yrs old, and co-starred in "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" with Buster Crabbe soon thereafter . Over the next years, Miss Gwynne would be featured in some thirty-eight Universal films, and become one of the studio’s most recognizable stars. She co-starred in an additional 20 films, for MGM, Allied Artists, and RKO Pictures among other studios. 

Anne Gwynne co-starred in what was the first filmed dramatic series for television, 1947-1948's "Public Prosecutor", filming 26 episodes for NBC (also known as "Crawford Mystery Theatre"). Anne Gwynne's motion picture and television career spanned the years 1939 through 1970.

Movie Character Year
H5s0af5r5iry01bbplt4f036eu Black Friday Jean Sovac 1940
X7x9jnrzcdtrddejzkx7onzxfzh Murder in the Blue Room Nan 1944
Pc0tcnayagldlwiaeodsf0jv6x4 Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome Tess Trueheart 1947
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R1s98cac92xala7ub511wttx9jt Breakdown Candy Allen 1952
Zvtu25fqeqldxtqhvpaoqsfbw8r Teenage Monster Ruth Cannon 1958