Ian Wolfe

Age: 117
Birthplace: Canton, Illinois, U.S.

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Ian Wolfe (November 4, 1896 – January 23, 1992) was an American actor whose films date from 1934 to 1990. Until 1934, he worked as a theatre actor. Wolfe mostly found work as a character actor, appearing in over 270 films. He and his wife, Elizabeth, had two daughters.
Wolfe was also a veteran of World War I where he served as a medical sergeant in the National Army of the United States. His service number was 2371377.
Although American by birth and upbringing, Wolfe was often cast as an Englishman: his stage experience endowed him with precise diction resembling an upper-class British accent. A receding hairline and etched features at a relatively early age allowed him to play older men before he actually grew old. Wolfe found a niche as a soft-spoken learned man, and his over 250 roles included many attorneys, judges, butlers, ministers, professors, and doctors.
Wolfe's best-known role may have been in the 1946 movie Bedlam, in which he played a scientist confined to an asylum.
Wolfe wrote and self-published two books of poetry Forty-Four Scribbles and a Prayer: Lyrics and Ballads and Sixty Ballads and Lyrics In Search of Music.
Of note to science fiction fans, Ian Wolfe appeared in two episodes of the original Star Trek television series: "Bread and Circuses" (1968) as Septimus, and "All Our Yesterdays" (1969) as Mr. Atoz, and portrayed the wizard Traquil in the cult series Wizards and Warriors.
In 1982, Wolfe had a small recurring role on the TV series WKRP in Cincinnati as Hirsch, the sarcastic, irreverent butler to WKRP owner Lillian Carlson.
Wolfe, who worked until the last couple of years of his life, died January 23, 1992, at age 95, of natural causes. He was cremated.

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Movie Character Year
Ewyexfhj7jrx4vpilhdzq98fmni The Barretts of Wimpole Street Harry Bevan 1934
Aleerxjk57q4ddky945h2lc3i8g The Raven Geoffrey 'Pinky' 1935
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8m40jlrxksmcpw7bijiqge7gnkl The Bold Caballero The Priest 1936
Jknvms1ysgeyttp3bz8k70ydzzc The Emperor's Candlesticks Leon, a Conspirator 1937
Ktklipq10mo37hcpjzivwerwjih Arsène Lupin Returns A. Le Marchand - Detective (as Ien Wulf) 1938
Xlu9w4qccjkdrvldskixx6htiyv Blondie Judge 1938
Kcm3jxncknoogcsq3mkcxy3hnfi Allegheny Uprising Poole 1939
Xjpeb3buegqj38zqkybik9chqnn The Son of Monte Cristo 1941
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X7x9jnrzcdtrddejzkx7onzxfzh Murder in the Blue Room Edwards 1944
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Lpynuawsvrej0ff65jv8v8vgbld Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Smith 1948
2ry4rzjaqyxg0aog01qxeyrd8b0 Julia Misbehaves Hobson, the Butler 1948
Qxuce2wg76a8l8l5gzkyhftqhz4 Colorado Territory Homer Wallace 1949
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9niftanzf938zvyvvfnoydt3uhs Mask of the Avenger Donner 1951
H5rfdstkhtblsy1uxbygaqr2jav On Dangerous Ground Sheriff Carrey 1952
Ckwzx2dlxoqqf4bjbgj0ggyjg1u Julius Caesar Caius Ligarius 1953
Jlvhhali1ucgli1xoz2ge9uqgd4 Houdini Malue 1953
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Mu74liemi8atpipptimd1nrdv2d Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Rev. Elcott 1954
Nztne5nqkhgrhc57fpfsaox5jf8 About Mrs. Leslie Mr. Pope 1954
5oqhe6cdzrhgrziy4lpljsidase Rebel Without a Cause Dr. Minton (lecturer at planetarium) 1955
Wcdhhsfuin1reiszi04wji06vab Witness for the Prosecution Carter 1957
Sfjwfsiyxncai9lpctmodsuoes5 The Lost World Burton White 1960
39imkbacz8gqymr5igxvbhzrgki Games Dr. Edwards 1967
8cie5mojy6mliryms9etnsyterv THX 1138 PTO 1971
G0zkls2pcxhabzenenicn1wpms6 The Fortune Justice of the Peace 1975
4lnkeejp4xdjwtirkjs27q3ar1z Reds Mr. Partlow 1981