Anne Seymour

Age: 104

Movie Character Year
Xjicur5raujczdnjlv5evapxhmn All the King's Men Mrs. Lucy Stark 1949
5usbi4h2hoz74rwhk59hnz4zxnf The Gift of Love Miss McMasters 1958
4swjv9ic5siwhpv0fnvd0dttpxa Desire Under the Elms la mère d’Eben 1958
Zazhjc6luzkztct5lycuc9rkuwl Home from the Hill Sarah Halstead 1960
Ignqrxg78yrbfuz3pcecapgoqfh Stage to Thunder Rock Myra Parker 1964
Kofodmvkpxtu76hrennzr816jz3 Triumphs of a Man Called Horse Elk Woman 1983