Robert Davi

Age: 62
Birthplace: Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA

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Robert John Davi (born June 26, 1953) is an American actor and singer. He played roles such as Vietnam veteran and Special Agent Johnson in Die Hard the villainous, singing Fratelli brother, Jake, in The Goonies, and Al Torres in the cult classic Showgirls. Davi is probably best recognized, however, for his role as the drug lord Franz Sanchez in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill, and on television as Agent Baily Malone in 88 episodes of his own NBC series, Profiler. Classically trained as a singer, in 2011 Davi launched his singing career, singing Frank Sinatra classics.
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Movie Character Year
Bzubpjwnarshjk40w9sgpyedwhx The Goonies Jake Fratelli 1985
Mhdlskumrfg0aljuaqt0uqxry9h Raw Deal Max Keller 1986
Cpxaw65lsoo24azm0a1rkcsw98j Action Jackson Tony Moretti 1988
Amvk8fwbgwskh9aentaoignfbwt Die Hard FBI Special Agent Johnson 1988
M4vusnnuiocqxukok6iyuhacr6t Licence to Kill Franz Sanchez 1989
Uewgs5mabwjucy6yvzzkttqv6wk Predator 2 Captain Phil Heinemann 1990
Sau8spx0915ktwxvpcxet12v3nz The Taking of Beverly Hills Robert Masterson 1991
Jh0rakw79satkplyn1q4lpcmkur Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue Sully 1992
Tqcg12awqbxbr07evpd0nnfo7ra Son of the Pink Panther Hans Zarba 1993
Wsix79rh6xinkrpqdzwdiytee2d Showgirls Al Torres 1995
7vxjmowobddarheku8miizwwej8 The Hot Chick Stan 2002
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Qvvwppcm9kepb4cnqrbals84ndi The Butcher Murdoch 2009
P3miqrus856uvikbojsvrajszwt Game of Death Smith 2010
K3g70hmxzesuyrmtu30lvvmjd5u Kill the Irishman Ray Ferritto 2011
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R2xllpgk7yxp0h1vwnp9qzho4cj The Iceman Leo Marks 2012
Jsru3atobccne6rr2jopwphvppn Blood of Redemption Hayden 2013
Gquuvuexzeon6kzpmefvitasta6 Doonby Sheriff Tom Woodley 2013
Qr2blwdxt8qdcbfzc16hjxubgx8 The Expendables 3 Vata 2014