Ralph Fiennes

Age: 51
Birthplace: Ipswitch, Suffolk, UK

Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, known simply as Ralph Fiennes is an English actor. He has appeared in films such as Schindler's List, The Constant Gardener and the Harry Potter films as Lord Voldemort.
Fiennes has won a Tony Award and has been nominated twice for Academy Awards.

Fiennes was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, into an English aristocratic family, the son of Mark Fiennes, a farmer and photographer. His surname is of Norman noble origin.

Fiennes met English actress Alex Kingston while they were both students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. After dating for ten years, they married in 1993. They divorced in 1997.
In 1995, Fiennes began a relationship with Francesca Annis, an actress 18 years his senior, who played his mother Gertrude in the play Hamlet, where they met. After 11 years together, the couple separated in February 2006. Tabloid reports claimed Fiennes had had an affair with Romanian singer Cornelia Crisan.

Movie Character Year
Bt2wzufad0g4ijyuhognalzvntz Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights Heathcliff 1992
Tvovw7qjj63zbqw5tz8cjpthaud Schindler's List Amon Goeth 1993
Lton7dqenei10316y4z9vwyghhu Quiz Show Charles Van Doren 1994
Rxvy5hg9oevmgnv9w4ihqxhqekd Strange Days Lenny Nero 1995
Niqc0v3lclh99mmmxm49qztio2e The English Patient Count László de Almásy 1996
Hhvkbomqrjpoln3jlwnhu4ljq5t Oscar and Lucinda Oscar Hopkins 1997
Tjs9oufs8wqxrrjop1job8yyvns The Prince of Egypt Ramesses II 1998
A8zug7aixltwmtxrq9xtnteiw5r Sunshine Ignatz/Adam/Ivan Sors 1999
Vzejybgvfths0umupiwnwbhunyw The End of the Affair Maurice Bendrix 1999
Ccvkx1t63ykmbciykjeoi0od5nd Spider Spider 2002
R95gzuotcn4y63miu9pllwe28lh Red Dragon Francis Dolarhyde 2002
3lq4wkp4lf41yttrsd6qdgd6exo Maid in Manhattan Christopher Marshall 2002
R7qoxmcuiqzueivxvc4bczrd9ni The Constant Gardener Justin Quayle 2005
Tlryx0x9tdv5rifa9w8yuvdzfhb Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Victor Quartermaine 2005
6sasqcdrehxxuha3nfpjrrecpd2 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Lord Voldemort 2005
28bixwcq3soccnngiejtevf1r5m Bernard and Doris Bernard Lafferty 2006
Lmymoxvzvrtadfxhz3v1ysqa1fn Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Lord Voldemort 2007
Kbabboelu2hskwsg7dwif9sahl5 In Bruges Harry 2008
6fpvq2plrlemlxcinkutbommgj2 The Duchess Duke of Devonshire 2008
Zerx1vqjfz0exmxxb7ckiqz7lbk The Reader Michael Berg 2008
Utoirjgtyfgrxnmnxpyigzpgvm0 The Hurt Locker Mercenary Team Leader 2009
Ybnytvm6u3godvmcwcoqwovl0f Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang Lord Gray 2010
N8w2y72vzsi8yz6ivywwfoimts6 Clash of the Titans Hades 2010
55zkeayymypzm0sbzaqesi9novr The Wildest Dream George Mallory (voice) 2010
6nhrntf3qoy19m07pati8ideafu Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Lord Voldemort 2010
Amkuvxjgcrugvdvo48v2yfxarny Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Lord Voldemort 2011
Zxg7nt7x2vvffhjhelcjti5cb4x Page Eight Alec Beasley 2011
Nc80lz4db8bbq3uq5yunu2t4kvs Coriolanus Caius Martius Coriolanus 2012
4trpgetv3ebdxb3e1uptyc16lfu Wrath of the Titans Hades 2012
Eqwlvqqxhhklr4pxbethr8xlfej Skyfall Gareth Mallory 2012
Stpx1khjpayrgh2nuwhrcfheazo Muse of Fire Himself 2013
2xahgp6nkcpqpidopiins5bgg5t Great Expectations Magwitch 2013
87wsrq2lbv0gb0priiz2ncloosv The Invisible Woman Charles Dickens 2013
3nbue0lvv2zyl67jajy1kkug1fz The Grand Budapest Hotel M. Gustave 2014
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78xvbaxnpq8lixdlocjksl1zmfe Salting The Battlefield 2014