Peter Sellers

Age: 88
Birthplace: Southsea, Hampshire, England, UK

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Richard Henry Sellers, CBE (8 September 1925 – 24 July 1980), known as Peter Sellers, was a British comedian and actor best known as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther film series, for playing three different characters in Dr. Strangelove, as Clare Quilty in Lolita, and as the man-child and TV-addicted Chance the gardener in his penultimate film, Being There. Leading actress Bette Davis once remarked of him, "He isn't an actor—he's a chameleon." Sellers rose to fame on the BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show. His ability to speak in different accents (e.g., French, Indian, American, German, as well as British regional accents), along with his talent to portray a range of characters to comic effect, contributed to his success as a radio personality and screen actor and earned him national and international nominations and awards. Many of his characters became ingrained in public perception of his work. Sellers' private life was characterized by turmoil and crises, and included emotional problems and substance abuse. Sellers was married four times, and had three children from the first two marriages.

An enigmatic figure, he often claimed to have no identity outside the roles that he played, but he left his own portrait since, "he obsessively filmed his homes, his family, people he knew, anything that took his fancy right to the end of his life—intimate film that remained undiscovered until long after his death in 1980." The director Peter Hall has said: "Peter had the ability to identify completely with another person, and think his way physically, mentally and emotionally into their skin. Where does that come from? I have no idea. Is it a curse? Often. I think it's not enough though in this business to have talent. You have to have talent to handle the talent. And that I think Peter did not have."

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Movie Character Year
Lcfqj8b9a44bzbqdipyoookw0l The Ladykillers Harry (alias 'Mr. Robinson') 1955
Ccn2lbts4cmod6noatmns9n9gkf The Naked Truth Sonny MacGregor 1957
9za4vfgfi412djm4izaibodavkf Tom Thumb Antony 1958
9mrbupg0yfqmfvltdqff8zn6gne The Battle of the Sexes Mr. Martin 1959
Gb18dgavi6yvmzwvok2mhomjemc I'm All Right Jack Fred Kite 1959
5ixxdpbvmov1xh8mx6gxo1izdq3 Never Let Go Lionel Meadows 1960
Ril0x4vh03fgltigi0ltcw7esp0 Lolita Clare Quilty 1962
Oc4crrpsqatd6k34m8pdw83iqde The Pink Panther Insp. Jacques Clouseau 1963
512n3nhiwjwuqo2oroqi49rwckt Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Captain Mandrake/Präsident Muffley/Doktor Seltsam 1964
Zf70y812hlevqykoijxuakwcnwv A Shot in the Dark Jacques Clouseau 1964
Bwod0zv8vpcbemg4ham9zggfq9 After The Fox Aldo Vanucci / Federico Fabrizi 1966
Vtashmmiwpnfblu3baetgh9ida3 The Wrong Box Doctor Pratt 1966
Mq8kk4to9dl94onc82occypmhii Alice in Wonderland King of Hearts 1966
2eiamy3ystcn0fixy1x1fsnsgtp Casino Royale Evelyn Tremble 1967
2ruyitmlpcvxjgknm67arfyprlj Woman Times Seven Jean 1967
Iszoxamhzhz7to1tyhc6x4zn72s The Bobo Juan Bautista 1967
Ryzzaunkox07gpw3f3wuphu8eo2 The Party Hrundi V. Bakshi 1968
V3emlbxohpmb1kpidgitiylqbwq There's a Girl in My Soup Robert Danvers 1970
9rx8ybukzf1hxhppd1loeqzpumf Soft Beds, Hard Battles Général Latour / Major Robinson / Herr Schroeder / Adolf Hitler / The President / Prince Kyoto 1974
Dloqj6c8tlqoyzyh22m9axcp5gx The Return of the Pink Panther Jacques Clouseau 1975
Vs1eommhegwkoylcdvqwgn4glad The Pink Panther Strikes Again Inspector Clouseau 1976
R1qsfovisq1xwm52qapfhe03h6m Revenge of the Pink Panther Insp. Clousseau 1978
Bgtfbmbuh4ja45l0dyyhc2gtq8x Being There Chance 1979
Lkxa0byaq9k1rclrp76npeinrsc The Prisoner of Zenda Rudolf IV/Rudolf V/Sidney Frewin 1979
Fozoqirygqsc4igsbpivsyibhgg Trail of the Pink Panther Chef Inspektor Jacques Clouseau 1982