Walter Slezak

Age: 112
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria

Walter Slezak (3 May 1902 – 21 April 1983) was a portly Austrian character actor who appeared in numerous Hollywood films. Slezak often portrayed villains or thugs, most notably the German U-boat engineer in Alfred Hitchcock's 1944 Lifeboat, but occasionally he got to play lighter roles, as in 1962's The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm. He also played a cheerfully corrupt and philosophical private detective in the 1947 film noir Born to Kill and appeared as Squire Trelawney in the 1972 version of Treasure Island.

Movie Character Year
Eukhckm6pnd5b5a3ndk56aoqdhi This Land Is Mine Major Erich von Keller 1943
Guydxapqqtgzkif1jw4etmltned Till We Meet Again Vitrey, The Mayor 1944
55w1okjaohvr2fd2fqkwpgajlbj The Princess and the Pirate La Roche 1944
6o1x75z3cyjqkvstcmlcy18uvjt Cornered Melchior Incza 1945
9fh5zpszzin98uslbaxkezxh5lv Sinbad, the Sailor Melik 1947
Mv5cugfb8czj7dd9syqyol3ktdj Born to Kill Matthew Arnett 1947
Jphzstmbldalaa3kagnj3iress The Inspector General Yakov 1949
Uf2ilcxs6ucnd7lieic2gecxy2u Bedtime for Bonzo Prof. Hans Neumann 1951
19hmvxkpfimozvqtotwmjrlygvx People Will Talk Prof. Barker 1951
1a9xusosxrhn0ldvheywfvvkae7 The Steel Cage Louis, the Prison Chef, segment "The Chef" 1954
Wr8k2mzalj9r7lxp17jnsxgqvfo The Miracle Flaco 1959
Qjdsoyksupfea2yfaqougyumzi3 Treasure Island Squire Trelawney 1972