Dirk Bogarde

Age: 93
Birthplace: Hampstead, London, England, UK

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Sir Dirk Bogarde (28 March 1921 – 8 May 1999) was an English actor and novelist. Initially a matinee idol in such films as Doctor in the House (1954) and other Rank Organisation pictures, Bogarde later acted in art-house films like Death in Venice (1971). He also wrote several volumes of autobiography.

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Movie Character Year
Anot1h3x4if0qpmbsvzedygiays Boys in Brown Alfie Rawlins 1949
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Dc5hh6ihox57wk2vkrs8fgz7imo They Who Dare Lieut. Graham 1954
W1siziisijiwmtmvmdmvmdgvmtuvmdkvmdyvnjq1lzf2evhyenf6a0jjzvo4bwdtbfjxtdrtzldaci5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Doctor In The House Simon Sparrow 1954
Svbp8p5c533f78pnyueetn5ndb6 Doctor at Sea Dr. Simon Sparrow 1955
Glhqjsjzfsts9vnqrcapa2oj00k The Spanish Gardener Jose 1956
Dribztgms6cpdauax7cfheyuoqt Doctor at Large Dr Simon Sparrow 1957
Z534cmpz9cionj8opg0ghirqgtc Campbell's Kingdom Bruce Campbell 1957
Vi1zcfyfczxvqitshmqe3xb4ffh Song Without End Franz Liszt 1960
Nvwy8fkdeetnmojcb4jvlyqrgjn The Singer Not the Song Anacleto Comachi 1961
Yihycq0owcd9eanleoxtmi11qe2 Victim Melville Farr 1961
7tnmq8zbwnotmuvbmjarvlwvkvz Doctor in Distress Dr Simon Sparrow 1963
Mtjlejt93otdzuu9ohah6koz1jo Hot Enough for June Nicholas Whistler 1964
Aaw2z5mgyds0xtrjoq5amsexwum Accident Stephen 1967
Ygxjlobgo1yfhrfnegjmx2nhjsp The Damned Frederick Bruckmann 1969
Wxvxjjvza3ytbmudg69vshholxi Death in Venice Gustav Aschenbach 1971
Gdtywxub7zumkvonua760wl8ym6 Providence Claude Langham 1977
Ormdfwshgvgswdrzp5prpaa6nme A Bridge Too Far Lt. Gen. Fredrick. Browning 1977
Yvsifwmazmt1apdjncvgvlr3qck Despair Hermann Hermann 1978
Aqrntk3blnahj1ypcvcaxfrnjxg May We Borrow Your Husband? William Harris 1986