John Candy

Age: 63
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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John Franklin Candy (October 31, 1950 – March 4, 1994) was a Canadian actor and comedian. He rose to fame as a member of the Toronto, Ontario branch of The Second City, its related Second City Television series, and in his role in comedy films such as Stripes, Splash, Cool Runnings, The Great Outdoors, and Uncle Buck. One of his most renowned onscreen performances was that of Del Griffith, the loquacious, on the move, shower curtain ring salesman in the John Hughes comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

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Movie Character Year
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Qvcapikr0nacddyys1t8gsclujy 1941 Pvt. Foley 1979
Wdcopiqohk3dj1s3fqoggrmdnyu The Blues Brothers Burton Mercer 1980
Awdqk6ehztrke7wvze737fbeo9d Heavy Metal Den 1981
Jxgmzk5t4qadhfgnivupd2pzkup National Lampoon's Vacation Lasky, Guard at Walleyworld 1983
Gco0mi8h8xjgeaihu4fmx1f8u0b Splash Freddie Bauer 1984
Iwmd1rsxpjdzxk9p11nou8w7n3j Brewster's Millions Spike Nolan 1985
Ppqe1wohsebabcjkmgtjlgogv9n Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird State Trooper 1985
Ybbmf9igzvtmkddeud5forauwrf Summer Rental Jack Chester 1985
1jspzh3dftqurjtzpfnz8h31lxz Volunteers Tom Tuttle 1985
Safvp8o7iuusew4yr8m79nrwypv Little Shop of Horrors Wink Wilkinson 1986
Aq5gxorqxfppeh9rvrbnkdqnaje Spaceballs Barfolemew 'Barf' 1987
3r93acwxfdcxowo4xfebi5rhupr Planes, Trains and Automobiles Del Griffith 1987
Cbvxt2lccp5zmbm46ccaxre3pj0 Hot to Trot Don The Horse (Voice) 1988
5mppwypn4dyybpgqtcmbutiqgs6 The Great Outdoors Chet Ripley 1988
76mozx90ewyhnmz8aov4rc9d3w7 Who's Harry Crumb? Harry Crumb 1989
Vqfayznj87xnjeqonb0unmch2ba Uncle Buck Buck Russell 1989
Eifwxprtsfktkjxx9a1npstqksi Masters of Menace Beer Truck Driver 1990
Uvu6v7oddkfkvj33s4cz9nowyio Home Alone Gus Polinski 1990
2tpj1kxasxul6dfhwdfvpaxciui The Rescuers Down Under Wilbur (voice) 1990
Pjvirdsojry1omua4lfhuirfbhq Nothing but Trouble Dennis / Eldona 1991
6ijkbwoajd8winwr04gvgqyu2yi Only the Lonely Danny Muldoon 1991
9bmxpkdjv2kdtd4qnexerjgtioz JFK Dean Andrews 1991
Hal3zhkqodyjydsozwmml1fuevh Once Upon a Crime Augie Morosco 1992
9jgk3t2eczj55reljpbjaaxeqd Cool Runnings Irving 'Irv' Blitzer 1993