Dabbs Greer

Age: 97

Movie Character Year
Ifscqwefk8phdbr80ntpwcybfai The Bad and the Beautiful Reporter 1952
Pbf2jfcwus8tuaugiy1ym5wksid House of Wax Shane 1953
Lpr4sren0ojg78rqbzmujppeesg Affair With A Stranger Happy Murray 1953
4oj0g2zr6tqkbdozkaluefdebsg Invasion of the Body Snatchers Lomax 1956
Iih345rf032j6m0w58ukxzaxkry Chain of Evidence Dr. Ainsley - Psychiatrist 1957
Wuoslpdrs1vc8ogm3cr7yasxa0 All Mine To Give Clendenning (uncredited) 1957
Kythifgnrncnntwkhjefib3uvay Day of the Outlaw Doc Langer, Veterinarian 1959
Tx6iw2hk7ltcukzxccf9ho8znry Last Train from Gun Hill Deputy Andy 1959
Ofgd5s81qmx4rerrkwjizqffsua Roustabout Arthur Nielsen 1964
966akv7jjpttfbwk7kp6fym5iu8 White Lightning Pa McKlusky 1973
Ipaslotb2pymk9ebhxnadkcxiit House IV Dad 1992
3yjulotva09cyjocwbu8earyja0 The Green Mile Old Paul Edgecomb 1999