Michael Lonsdale

Age: 82
Birthplace: Paris, France

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Michael Lonsdale (born May 24, 1931), sometimes billed as Michel Lonsdale, is a French actor who has appeared in over 180 films and television shows.
Lonsdale was raised by an Irish mother and an English father, initially in London and on Jersey, and later during the Second World War in Casablanca, Morocco. He moved to Paris to study painting in 1947 but was drawn in to the world of acting instead, first appearing on stage at the age of 24.
Lonsdale is bilingual and is in demand for English-language and French productions. He is best known in the English-speaking world for his roles as the villainous Sir Hugo Drax in the 1979 James Bond film, Moonraker, the astute French detective Lebel in The Day of the Jackal, and M Dupont d'Ivry in The Remains of the Day.
On 25 February 2011, he won a Caesar award, his first, as a best supporting actor in Of Gods and Men.

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Movie Character Year
Nqwv5zednpmif7nrrezfckj9ruk La bourse et la vie Le conférencier au club des timides 1966
Aiznjloxsw3rmowvea6qp7v6ng1 Stolen Kisses Georges Tabard 1968
Q9xdrksskcyqg1qsevpfbvyvwhu Out 1 Thomas 1971
Rnyjlaxna6s6mnhnvoioggppcn8 The Day of the Jackal Lebel 1973
3ix0qad1yzjycwme4j9ftk1mcok The Phantom of Liberty 1974
Cdsjbpjzo7rczqnusqvldtp02nn Un Linceul n'a pas de Poches Raymond 1974
T7drcbldfhxulkm7cqjm9po9p4u Moonraker Hugo Drax 1979
Qxrzdyvmc27pron6vbdvugjrpiu The Bunker Martin Bormann 1981
Tdt0qrehaim44km0iek0uwldyiw Chariots of Fire Garth Jones 1981
9azhmfej87ucitrjpg0hcxyfbdc Smiley's People Anton Grigoriev 1982
5o8rehwpfr4kl7jgrbeq3oypfqp The Name of the Rose The Abbot 1986
9sfjocxctd9lgncgvn6o1yeehsg Ronin Jean-Pierre 1998
Nf29bzl0ktzrmgsaca2vbpk71hs Actors lui-même 2000
91zhuim9uzoedgmijkjh7irn7x2 Kaena: The Prophecy Opaz (voice: French version) 2003
3pnsx1eguelyvgmaccqyvxvoy9o Munich Papa 2005
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Xajb0bx21thvqm0nn9ts5eqt9co Heartbeat Detector Mathias Jüst 2007
Szhrsznbgiczp5h3yxmzq3n8wj2 Agora Theon 2009
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Jzf7mfel6cxc2bmlxpl0ch5l9ff Free Men Si Kaddour Ben Ghabrit 2011
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