Basil Rathbone

Age: 121
Birthplace: Johannesburg, South African Republic

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Sir Basil Rathbone, KBE, MC, Kt (13 June 1892, Johannesburg – 21 July 1967, New York City) was a South African actor. He rose to prominence in England as a Shakespearean stage actor and went on to appear in over 70 films, primarily costume dramas, swashbucklers, and, occasionally, horror films. He frequently portrayed suave villains or morally ambiguous characters, such as Murdstone in David Copperfield (1935) and Sir Guy of Gisbourne in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938). His most famous role, however, was heroic—that of Sherlock Holmes in fourteen Hollywood films made between 1939 and 1946 and in a radio series. His later career included Broadway and television work; he received a Tony Award in 1948 as Best Actor in a Play.

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Movie Character Year
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Jco58zfopalnapis1kvo4g3frla The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, & Observation of David Copperfield the Younger Mr. Murdstone 1935
L7cchkkbxbhffqcbru1hju2xiwe Anna Karenina Karenin 1935
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Srfqgylvekopm9pxxckiugtmhwn The Adventures of Robin Hood Sir Guy of Gisbourne 1938
5zut1glz2mumnahqzaemyewxdwa The Adventures of Marco Polo Ahmed 1938
Vdhmzn8rjrfsvlzh7vc2jhidqk3 Son of Frankenstein Baron Wolf von Frankenstein 1939
V1hsysf3fhorqxqihorptqmguct The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes 1939
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Cbfzylocchlqpf13rrzxrn2uoor Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror Sherlock Holmes 1942
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8zgyc2xuddfp1aq1wtcvk5fgu3w Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Sherlock Holmes 1943
1naqzjounlrfmccnl9i5pjzoifv The Spider Woman Sherlock Holmes 1944
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6dlln1d0ywen9cfk2ye91uhdsk0 Frenchman's Creek Lord Rockingham 1944
Lvmsjm9k3kkskor4j2pqicpoxjp The House of Fear Sherlock Holmes 1945
Wg4vx9orvnpn6turmvyrbgjjyje The Woman in Green Sherlock Holmes 1945
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H8absj7gphazpg7itkhycnh5751 Terror by Night Sherlock Holmes 1946
Qlnljqiksnksxyn2mlij2wqjnnc The Court Jester Sir Ravenhurst 1955
53sgxdtys5fpjqf5um2fcspdvzh The Black Sleep Sir Joel Cadman 1956
M3ifq8kh4qvzxny6ts3q745lo9q The Last Hurrah Norman Cass, Sr. 1958
Ktdocufnh2dc10qt5s3wej56zvu Ponce Pilate acteur 1962
Rgb3pr1hjvm1vilylgl1tgsixjh The Great Mouse Detective Sherlock Holmes 1986