Charles Dingle

Age: 126

Movie Character Year
2rxr1qifn0sowkmr04y9tykyj7m ...One Third Of A Nation... Mr. Rogers 1939
Ifmrktwehxen3ayzgw0dh1nzoaw The Little Foxes Ben Hubbard 1941
Vhnorrxgvb9nddcdlbaj7mqqyre The Talk of the Town Andrew Holmes 1942
Ry8uask7c7ck1lfe5jgzs9xexic Lady of Burlesque Inspector Harrigan 1943
Tirutyngb7ijc5hjmcbq9atpz47 Sister Kenny Michael Kenny 1946
Ujdjki5aa4bpspadjbiy9hkenkl The Beast with Five Fingers Mr. Arlington - Ingram's elder heir 1947
Gnlugtvcocwavfuyxjoyz7kmq6x Welcome Stranger Charles 'C.J.' Chesley 1947