Jake Gyllenhaal

Age: 33
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

​American actor Jake Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles, CA on December 19, 1980.  Jake has been involved with acting from an early age, which is no surprise considering his family history of directors and screenwriters.  Throughout his childhood Jake worked in several films directed by his father Stephen, but was discouraged from accepting extensive roles that would impact his studies. After finishing high school Jake's breakthrough acting role was October Sky (1999), where he played an amateur rocket scientist eager to break away from his destiny of working in a coal mine.  Jake's most acclaimed performance to date was co-starring along side Heath Ledger in the popular 2005 film, Brokeback Mountain.  Jake has starred in more recent films such as Love an Other Drugs (2010), and Source Code (2011).

Movie Character Year
Tdohdekhhgyjcr3ay6wq6uifhoz City Slickers Danny Robbins 1991
Hehrakdycvgpiixiolp7rb1zkuf October Sky Homer Hickam 1999
Jtr11myrdhg8hzso6ci037itdnt Lovely & Amazing Jordan 2001
Dgcisufeathyqgp9gx6kocyt427 Donnie Darko Donnie Darko 2001
Gxuh1lq8g2roknzmoce3tjfnszr The Good Girl Holden Worther 2002
Wowt5gpumezciby8b5hd9prx0fu The Day After Tomorrow Sam Hall 2004
Z2dqvxj17aw6xpimrlclfhksfum Brokeback Mountain Jack Twist 2005
Nknryzv679sfjnkvk76cr2srmi5 Proof Hal 2005
Kmbyo0xuhrhcmyxvszawddrpxiu Jarhead Anthony Swofford 2005
Nkubb208rw6ltpj1a4grbe4oub5 Zodiac Robert Graysmith 2007
5jo3bl2dnww2yleavqsclt2zggw Rendition Douglas Freeman 2007
Zffyxew7nyppzbdnqhib6qpzych Brothers Tommy Cahill 2009
1urbjn8nvkknkfl9ir1mlqfhe3k Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Prince Dastan 2010
Wdctfspmlcuuzs4fp3uhdj9ru6z Love & Other Drugs Jamie Reidy 2010
7mf5uh97ns2tudcw01kcu5wdszt Source Code Colter Stevens 2011
9ziwyb1co7vz1s5qkpk6m3tw568 End of Watch Officer Taylor 2012
Wcjh9j3pygiose7peka2zwjjfaq Prisoners Detective Loki 2013
9gqizeypwxndylaic0xymbt9ssh Enemy 2014
Popcorn Nightcrawler Lou 2014