Akio Ôtsuka

Age: not listed

Movie Character Year
1ksmfpmwmzlvr2dn2fzv31vz66b Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Batō (voice) 2004
Imarb2ior30oaxjpa7qideyufm1 Howl's Moving Castle Kokuô (voice: Japanese version) 2004
W1siziisijiwmtivmtivmtmvmtmvmdavmtivmtczl2jommd0rg1tcuhkbva3qtkwdgviwuuxy3jnay5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man Batou 2005
Rd4rqjruzucp0asgin2v3ti1f6o Metal Gear Solid 3: Existence Naked Snake (Japanese version) 2005
W1siziisijiwmtivmtivmtavmtivmtevmjavndi4l2lrduxtsmkyrnfqwdvus0hkbvlvnzfwb09pei5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Fist of the North Star: Legend of Raoh - Chapter of Death in Love Souther 2006
8palpsc7eaostawf4fjorccncvk Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society Batou 2006
Awlruxezl4d8up2uvlw5ebydsdl Paprika Kogawa Toshimi 2006
Vspckk3rqpvmgo1qjgpr9jlaso8 Ghost in the Shell 2.0 Batou (voice) 2008