Cécile De France

Age: 38
Birthplace: Namur, Belgium

​Belgian actress Cécile de France began her acting career in French cinema hits such as “L'Art (délicat) de la séduction” (2001) and “Irène” (2002) after being discovered by the agent Dominique Besnehard. Her international breakthrough came with the horror thriller “Haute Tension” (2003), which was a worldwide success. She caught the eye of Hollywood producers and soon landed her first major role in a US feature film, “Around the World in 80 Days” (2004).

She won two César Awards for Most Promising Actress in L'Auberge espagnole (2002), and Best Supporting Actress in Les Poupées russes (2005).

Movie Character Year
Bzawt1u1tgjfi8rwzzuxtiidk3g L'Art (délicat) de la séduction Laure 2001
J8wacqrgpvswu9ofsi0nfjf1pwt The Spanish Apartment Isabelle 2002
91zhuim9uzoedgmijkjh7irn7x2 Kaena: The Prophecy Kaena (voice: French version) 2003
Ljtunoswagiultkukoc5lbmd6bk High Tension Marie 2003
Tsfskc5ftoxq3nfcjpdp6ff47lx Around the World in 80 Days Monique Laroche 2004
Qyheqs9djekreci2cqmfumtqp3i Russian Dolls Isabelle 2005
Po7yqnwfm2kqwioochvfjnyzcxl Avenue Montaigne Jessica 2006
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W1siziisijiwmtmvmdevmdmvmdkvmzavntmvmjkzl3bzwewyymxkrvjawgporunkr0o2ugh2b09cqs5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Hand of the Headless Man Eva 2007
Xirtfrbrx5ciygmniomc5rxzv4r Mesrine: Killer Instinct Jeanne Schneider 2008
Iyc8fkwncwx2d06nwuz5qbf2p1 Hereafter Marie Lelay 2010
Jhl4u0yepvbkwz7nd7ow6kfz5gs The Kid with a Bike Samantha 2011
44hq7ntyq8zbbaanudma3bqqm4d Möbius Alice 2013
Efjorpuxf5pdvqwjoexgrshd7pn Chinese Puzzle Isabelle 2013