Eduard Artemyev

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Though renowned for his electronic film scores for director Andrei Tarkovsky and use of the pioneering Theremin-like ANS synthesizer, composer Edward Artemiev has actually contributed varied orchestral works to film and concert hall that have run the gamut from the traditional to the experimental. “12” is Artemiev and Mikhalkov’s thirteenth collaboration, a long-running pairing that dates back to Mikhalkov’s 1970 thesis film short “A Quiet Day During the End of the War” and has included the scores to “Burnt By the Sun” and Mikhalkov’s unique documentary portrait of the director’s daughter and the changing times that spawned her, “Anna: From Six to Eighteen”. In addition to numerous awards at home and abroad, Artemiev received the distinction of a 2002 UK top-five hit record when Russian trance
duo PPK released an electronica cover version of the composer’s orchestral theme to Andrei Konchalovsky’s 1979 film “Siberiade”.

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