Allan Edwall

Age: 89
Birthplace: Rödön, Jämtlands län, Sweden

Growing up in the landscape of Jämtland, Edwall spent some time working on a ship before he arrived in Stockholm in the 1940s, just barely making a living as a writer, painter and poet before he was admitted to the Royal Dramatic Theater's acting school in 1949. After graduation he worked at the theater in the 1950s and 1960s  but he was mainly a jack-of-all-trades, appearing on the stage, in movies as well as recording and publishing his own songs.

He is remembered for a string of queer roles, such as Emil's father in the Emil of Lönneberga films, the cheerful vagabond in the Rasmus and the vagabond movie, the dying father in Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander as well as Carlsson in the TV adaptation of Strindberg's Hemsöborna.

In the later part of his life he owned his own theater, Brunnsgatan 4, in Stockholm. Biography by Mattias Thuresson.

Movie Character Year
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Ac9tcn2fxrwib22fdvkwuxa6r8a The Virgin Spring Beggar 1960
A8jwcssezlzpk2akpw5s849m4qz Winter Light Algot Frövik, Sexton 1962
6paunwvcts59nixw2b2cwd5flev Here's Your Life 1966
7ks9mflyzahouo2zmboo7we2nr2 Emil i Lönneberga Anton Svensson 1971
Aabarkjjtw7at3ldinmxtrzwnwz New Mischief by Emil Anton 1972
Vayyh3z8yh2zohd1u2w4isda9qu Emil and the Piglet Anton 1973
Ecxxdcsidx3s5jz1aswz1e82zce Madicken of June Hill Herr Nilsson 1980
Mtjilh18bjsnl1dsfxtuyrsod4k Rasmus på luffen Paradis-Oskar 1981
Hemf02wkjba4bh1wek2b9tafgfq Fanny and Alexander Oscar Ekdahl 1982
Qixuevh13mqdr7wsuvpvvspadqf The Sacrifice Otto 1986