Leslie Brooks

Age: 91

At first acting under her given name of Lorraine Gettman, blonde film actress Leslie Brooks began appearing in movie bit roles in 1941. When her Warner Bros. contract was sold to Columbia, Brooks started landing more sizeable parts in such programs as Nine Girls (1944) and Cover Girl (1944). She was also seen to good advantage in Columbia's series films (The Whistler, Crime Doctor, et al.). Leslie Brooks retired from films in 1949.


Movie Character Year
J44aovablylgsqtsrrrzt6xx8e0 Cover Girl Maurine, Rusty's blonde friend / rival 1944
Z4y8fjr5nafzcwwue11klpjbfqt Tonight and Every Night Angela 1945
W1siziisijiwmtmvmtevmdqvmtyvmtqvmzevnzg0lznjqtdpadnsbgjhttrfmuxwa1zcd0g2dglkmi5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq The Secret of the Whistler Kay Morrell 1946
W1siziisijiwmtmvmdcvmjivmtyvmzivntqvmjewl3p2rnv5umpfdu1taflwouv2qujsbwy5umrcmy5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Hollow Triumph Virginia Taylor 1948
Ojct3fels377m2p3sas8iopl8ls Romance on the High Seas Miss Medwick 1948