Orson Welles

Age: 99
Birthplace: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

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George Orson Welles (May 6, 1915 – October 10, 1985), best known as Orson Welles, was an American film director, actor, theatre director, screenwriter, and producer, who worked extensively in film, theatre, television and radio. Noted for his innovative dramatic productions as well as his distinctive voice and personality, Welles is widely acknowledged as one of the most accomplished dramatic artists of the twentieth century, especially for his significant and influential early work—despite his notoriously contentious relationship with Hollywood. His distinctive directorial style featured layered, nonlinear narrative forms, innovative uses of lighting such as chiaroscuro, unique camera angles, sound techniques borrowed from radio, deep focus shots, and long takes. Welles's long career in film is noted for his struggle for artistic control in the face of pressure from studios. Many of his films were heavily edited and others left unreleased. He has been praised as a major creative force and as "the ultimate auteur."

After directing a number of high-profile theatrical productions in his early twenties, including an innovative adaptation of Macbeth and The Cradle Will Rock, Welles found national and international fame as the director and narrator of a 1938 radio adaptation of H. G. Wells's novel The War of the Worlds performed for the radio drama anthology series Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was reported to have caused widespread panic when listeners thought that an invasion by extraterrestrial beings was occurring. Although these reports of panic were mostly false and overstated,[2] they rocketed Welles to instant notoriety.

Citizen Kane (1941), his first film with RKO, in which he starred in the role of Charles Foster Kane, is often considered the greatest film ever made. Several of his other films, including The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), The Lady from Shanghai (1947), Touch of Evil (1958), Chimes at Midnight (1965), and F for Fake (1974), are also widely considered to be masterpieces.

In 2002, he was voted the greatest film director of all time in two separate British Film Institute polls among directors and critics, and a wide survey of critical consensus, best-of lists, and historical retrospectives calls him the most acclaimed director of all time. Well known for his baritone voice, Welles was also an extremely well regarded actor and was voted number 16 in AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars list of the greatest American film actors of all time. He was also a celebrated Shakespearean stage actor and an accomplished magician, starring in troop variety shows in the war years.

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Movie Character Year
9fxgywoldj0fbmqkahovbmvkn8y The Spanish Earth Narrator (voice) 1937
Popcorn Too Much Johnson Keystone Kop 1938
Jfaz2cswdseft2byl6inue16pqn Citizen Kane Charles Foster Kane 1941
Wnvmfqhlplnhyoytab72yt2jydk Journey Into Fear Colonel Haki 1943
3x1hqfuh0j9ayg3kq7vxfupkawy The Stranger Charles Rankin 1946
Rojrqjktqvuupszetkdozo6pypc The Lady from Shanghai Michael O'Hara 1947
Zffkzudhu7njiw9o54jiar5xoxv The Third Man Harry Lime 1949
A7i3nf304ajxezurk93fvkgrlqh Black Magic Joseph Balsamo aka Count Cagliostro 1949
4evhlllkhj4ximgx21ctbwsemc2 Mr. Arkadin Gregory Arkadin 1955
1m4rvbu9iphcho2dplh7ctr638w The Long, Hot Summer Will Varner 1958
I2gjblr01bzizb5b5tojudc4nv6 Touch of Evil Police Captain Hank Quinlan 1958
Uehdjpirfcgtxmhyi4fda5cvxbg David and Goliath King Saul 1960
D9lhynyigv866n6oprbnbsrlrdk Ferry to Hongkong Captain Hart 1961
Jbnhcbjxlo2j2maa6cmt9fsna4v The Tartars Burundai 1961
B85scvcwfjjudzcf2iqnq2uv1xs The Trial Albert Hastler 1962
Nzyyerempienkbxvpvp6rzdcixj The V.I.P.s Max Buda 1963
7fkxd64ti0zyzgt8ejfb5jcimnz A Man for All Seasons Cardinal Wolsey 1966
2eiamy3ystcn0fixy1x1fsnsgtp Casino Royale Le Chiffre 1967
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Ahpnsziumnusa9nk7n62thwkyct The Battle of Neretva Četnik 1969
2hozazuxc0gu0xpyvg7nlylpdou 12 + 1 Markan 1969
Apc8seovpd9j8j4hziwp9q2bvwv A Safe Place The Magician 1971
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Spjoeepaccetv1o6qw1ouefhtyv Ten Days Wonder Théo Van Horn 1972
Qjdsoyksupfea2yfaqougyumzi3 Treasure Island Long John Silver 1972
5fec8pfmfchpocaoihqtiyiudkx F for Fake Himself 1973
Vqzyzfvjafn0eyzvgb4c317x9oi Voyage of the Damned José Estedes 1976
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6jofkftlw1m5ct2oijl3u1lt6up History of the World: Part I Narrator 1981
Z9obmwuynxdgejd4lbkgfe0ezx8 El camino a Bresson Himself 1984
Ajc3q53pqfhatlyblipaoyfta1j Slapstick (Of Another Kind) Aliens' Father (voice) 1984
Yoqjyq2t0ythh12ykarsqt9df2b Transformers: The Movie Unicron (voice) 1986
Ppkjv0wcpz71o5bod02mrhcl31a Don Quixote Himself 1992
9jx1exx8m9y2gvenrzvhecirkfn It's All True Himself - Interview 1993
2jvism2hzrriyfidzou632htkmb Tudo é Brasil Himself (archive footage) 1997