Anna Paquin

Age: 31
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Anna Paquin is the star of several major motion pictures, including her first Oscar winning performance in The Piano (1993), the role of the young Jane in the 1996 film Jane Eyre (1996), and the role of Amy Alden in the charming family film, Fly Away Home (1996). With a well-developed vocabulary and gentle sense of humor, Paquin proves herself to be the most enchanting young talent working today. Paquin's rising stardom has often been a cause of charming media shyness, where it is obvious that she is an ordinary girl who happens to posses an extraordinary talent. She has two agents, Gail Cowan in New Zealand, and the William Morris agency in Los Angeles, but neither these nor her parents have much influence in deciding what she films. "In the end", she says, "it's my decision". Paquin's parents separated while she was filming Fly Away Home (1996) in Canada. On Oscar night in 1993, Anna Paquin was the surprise (and surprised) winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She stood, wide-eyed and gulping for breath at the microphone for a full twenty-something-odd seconds before delivering a gracious, though rather breathless thank-you speech.

Movie Character Year
O2luphermt8et3ujmpiem35wo7n Castle in the Sky Sheeta (English version) 1986
Fcoczscqxdcack7wo4y2vvyq2nm The Piano Flora McGrath 1993
7x8mmmspuwbzqtgin7n9cnaxdub Jane Eyre Young Jane Eyre 1996
Azfdixe7tgegte7ghl8pkvxw0gc Fly Away Home Amy Alden 1996
Popcorn The Member of the Wedding Frankie Addams 1997
G0evesyglnfdhnvs2lgnavllli9 Amistad Queen Isabella 1997
2kwpjq3o6dzywdioplvxck3t91p She's All That Mackenzie Siler 1999
4kyj7fujzheg7xz8j3ompi7gdww X-Men Rogue / Marie D'Ancanto 2000
Nyxdfpij9kzyxoev4zicmij03wy Almost Famous Polexia Aphrodisia 2000
W1siziisijiwmtqvmdevmjcvmjavntqvmtuvodc4l21ztnbtb2lwy21ns2faulrsszn2sg9wsfjbzy5qcgcixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisiju1edc1iyjdxq Finding Forrester Claire Spence 2000
A3jsd8xo00tzyxmw1se06ptk3cm Buffalo Soldiers Robyn Lee 2001
Qufgu04g9br3y7ondzq9ylscyyr 25th Hour Mary D'Annunzio 2002
Fdmz0uhwdqzb6atntaoqdfdqd9x X2: X-Men United Anna Marie / Rogue 2003
5qpan7zbar6d3fotveimx0qzxhg X-Men: The Last Stand Marie / Rogue 2006
Evi1rvngkgbedng6ah3csexnclb Trick 'r Treat Laurie 2007
Medoytrkkkxelbghfhzwwdqqyak The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler Irena Sendler 2009
W1siziisijiwmtivmtivmtivmtmvmtcvndyvntmvahyyyldwwhhhmjhxudvrehbfqkpxrgpurljglmpwzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwintv4nzujil1d Open House Jennie 2010
Yhgpykycvxoran3iisat9tfixbj The Romantics Lila Hayes 2010
Wa3xo9pz2qczsstfrwqern8eb6 Scream 4 Rachel 2011
Wbpwtukospggx40dwwofsr5ljvo Straight A's Katherine 2013
Ddcbfidyi3bgn5yta9h5xybukc0 X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue 2014