Chris Ramirez

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From IMDb;

​After watching Tim Burton's Batman at the age of 5, Chris knew that he wanted to break out in the movie business. Words can't describe Chris Ramirez's passion of films. He feels that its his only way to express himself. In his films, Chris tries to depict the harsh realities of life. He writes characters that are misunderstood losers in society that try to somehow break free from the ordinary life. Like the characters in his films, Chris wants to break free.
A graduate of Concordia University , Chris Ramirez founded Quiet Giant Productions following an impressive background already established in the film industry. During a tenure with Either Way Works Productions based in Chicago , Chris was a production assistant on "Joke's For Miles" and "The Boss", while taking on the role of assistant director on Robert Hines projects such as "The Seth Rogen Sketch" and "Black Pope". Along with penning three original feature screenplays, his short film "The Big Idea" was an entry on Steven Spielberg's television show "On the Lot".

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