Elijah Wood

Age: 33
Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

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Elijah Jordan Wood ( born January 28, 1981) is an American actor. He made his film debut with a minor part in Back to the Future Part II (1989), then landed a succession of larger roles that made him a critically acclaimed child actor by age 9. He is best known for his high-profile role as Frodo Baggins in Peter Jackson's critically acclaimed The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since then, he has resisted typecasting by choosing varied roles in critically acclaimed films such as Bobby, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City, Green Street and Everything Is Illuminated.
He starred in the film Day Zero (2007) and provided the voice of the main character, Mumble, in the award-winning animated film Happy Feet. He played an American tourist turned vampire in Paris, je t'aime. In 2005, he started his own record label, Simian Records. He was cast in the lead role of an Iggy Pop biopic to be called The Passenger, but after years of development, the project now appears to be shelved.

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Movie Character Year
K5dzvcqkxu2cahltlj9bhe7xmyk Back to the Future Part II Video Game Boy 1989
J3lk53gmp0eh9jfbrjd6y04yyao Internal Affairs Sean Stretch 1990
E7tusyb4t6rlglhh5ua6smsnqio Forever Young Nat Cooper 1992
Cxj7afl13wyjh6mebiow3jdm5ma North North 1994
Ljqhwhlsolkthwkbwbvk8aukk5h The War Stu Simmons 1994
Goopaz7kdzv8zvepeabfwjrgmed Flipper Sandy Ricks 1996
6dbs69fokpelvtrlmgf5vrmffj8 Oliver Twist The Artful Dodger 1997
E3j1pn67bwos1pnbde9gjneatct The Ice Storm Mikey Carver 1997
Zfktziio9ulbw2ddhrvrntuq7cb Deep Impact Leo Biederman 1998
Nty4bx1yqge5kvbknkh43n23hub The Faculty Casey Connor 1998
Ukik1npzqlkwhyofgyxzhhtczzh Chain of Fools Mikey 2000
9hg6pinw1koftaky3ldybkookam The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Frodo Baggins 2001
5iiv7avnwnipr8aogiiyeixikw3 Try Seventeen Jones 2002
20x0ak4azgwmodd2qsya0faxmmb Ash Wednesday Sean Sullivan 2002
9mbjbuumbbgngjv1jz2uciybaph The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Frodo Baggins 2002
4b0xqmp5ji6ora9z4scbprism0d Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over The Guy 2003
J6ncju6zh7skfien5zdaotmbn4m The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Frodo Baggins 2003
Gutwxkvchjkpircloknesybj0gc Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Patrick 2004
6at4cjiikrdp18ckmvh2xivpnlv Frodo Is Great... Who Is That?!! himself 2004
Jgpnqymchm1rx8cstomelaox5zf Sin City Kevin 2005
Z3lc4ki8azbeuhrggddwo6vbcdx Green Street Hooligans Matt Buckner 2005
E3vwklyo2t8w2ohuxi96kdsot4n Everything is Illuminated Jonathan Safran Foer 2005
Qgfkh7pk3nzxscksisl0w6mna5c Paris, Je T'Aime Le garçon (Quartier de la Madeleine) 2006
Zl3lc0bbpxeqbiqylwnmfbnu9wy Bobby William Avary 2006
8rlezftzk87s2uslsqoytynyzov Happy Feet Mumble 2006
8bwbv2bubylg6ubnwkj1wyvjn80 The Oxford Murders Martin 2008
Igmoqt6r88zujrtlfpqwra5268h 9 9 (voice) 2009
Yhgpykycvxoran3iisat9tfixbj The Romantics Chip 2010
Gy8lwcobagvcdsmem8qhbf4azvk Happy Feet Two Mumble (voice) 2011
Q9wgcec9rj3h7dzgighc8wmdf5e The Death and Return of Superman Cyborg Superman / Hank Henshaw 2011
4r7qhjlqbzy6cnzfmyqwhsovwh8 Treasure Island Ben Gunn 2012
A8y74lj3ucp52jgfoc13wd9jsjb Celeste & Jesse Forever Scott 2012
Wdidtaj1gnboa8pff9sxkjv2as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Frodo 2012
Bbtkwblf1uiioxznebbtyaqzbeo Maniac Franck 2012
Nx8kxf6ujeurq2kdoik0wgrqx1m Revenge for Jolly Thomas 2013
Wvhkh4o1egosqh3apwtmi1mewqq A Band Called Death Himself 2013
88hoc4dwwkdo7gnhuqivqt9d2gt Pawn Shop Chronicles 2013
Qxj6ty4qd1j4zk6rbetoad54n8 Open Windows 2013
V82ggm4gjdi4lvifewl8ala19tv The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Frodo Baggins 2013
Ecmlpoc2wsggllh6nsu8wxud9ue Grand Piano 2014
Kgxix9cg9e59thhvfhg6v90pkum The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Frodo 2014