Laurence Fishburne

Age: 52
Birthplace: Augusta, Georgia, United States

Laurence John Fishburne III (born July 30, 1961) is an American actor of screen and stage, as well as a playwright, director, and producer. He is perhaps best known for his roles as Morpheus in the Matrix science fiction film trilogy and as singer-musician Ike Turner in the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got to Do With It. He became the first African-American to portray Othello in a motion picture by a major studio when he appeared in Oliver Parker's 1995 film adaption of the Shakespeare play. Fishburne has won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance in Two Trains Running (1992) and an Emmy Award for Drama Series Guest Actor for his performance in TriBeCa (1993). Fishburne’s first marriage was to actress to Hajna O. Moss. They had two children together: a son, Langston and a daughter, Montana. Fishburne is now married to actress Gina Torres. They live in Hollywood with their daughter Delilah.

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Tkvslooroyyydybmpatasyymitd Event Horizon Captain Miller 1997
Skogjhfs5q3azmpw7dfkkaeleg8 The Matrix Revolutions Morpheus 2003
Lkc0hdp93hchud9xfhjremqgjkd Armored Baines 2009
Bbr55uagfuaioqmknlvoy4vmegn Osmosis Jones Thrax (voice) 2001
P6y26nwaoi7vg8kzlodapl5j7pw The Matrix Reloaded Morpheus 2003
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Euirouiev4s54ajlnhjumiz9t3q The Signal 2014
Gynbnzwyahktxqlekklionkjkgn The Matrix Morpheus 1999
2ttiok7tpmaovmyod5120dtevfo What's Love Got to Do with It Ike Turner 1993
Tvzk7m5e6yddtgdjogkdbwoaeaj The Death and Life of Bobby Z Tad Gruzsa 2007
Qcgbw4ohpk7i2gwtgklaaylynta Batman vs. Superman Perry White 2016
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Usebgherkra9phkije7oxxrsflo Predators Noland 2010
9zqm6eepuca52icajxpx2pvwr1e The Matrix Revisited Himself / Morpheus 2001
Zntmuitvpsuudcf2zx1ny337bzz King of New York Jimmy Jump 1990
4zkagycqdjd2zikmpyv3amr8tey 21 Cole Williams 2008
Ylajio4b5enoatdgdj6q7jfh19v King: Man of Peace in a Time of War Himself 0000
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Fxpziqgnbnb4blgjkhjtblqume5 Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Silver Surfer (voice) 2007
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Urv7potcmj2cbix2swn64nszfwg A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Max 1987
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Jghpwm6x0lqpvofzfiskugyc1zy Death Wish 2 Cutter 1982
Zh7a6kzctquucvtjpk7cbu1saqp Apocalypse Now Redux Gunner's Mate 3rd Class Tyrone "Mr. Clean" Miller 2001
6hqt7r0tiwgxi7ca1zb58j28otm Man of Steel Perry White 2013
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Oyebke46c0qf0olohjiszn9lycj Mission: Impossible III Theodore Brassel 2006
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