Above and Beyond
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The story of Colonel Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay, the bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Although unaware of the full potential of this new weapon, he knows that it is capable of doing tremendously more damage than any other weapon used before, and that the death toll resulting from it will be enormous. He is reluctant to be the person who will end so many lives, but if using it may bring an end to the war, then not doing so may result in even more lives being lost in continued ground assaults as the fighting goes on. At the same time, the intense secrecy surrounding this mission leaves him with no one he can express his thoughts and doubts to, not even his wife. As time goes on, the pressure upon him only increase.

December 31, 1952

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Jrnvmvqu2m50bc8c0n3dqrlz8ch Robert Taylor LtCol Paul W. Tibbets
Pmaudyeijoagtzcy1pdy7lwxz96 Eleanor Parker Lucey Tibbets
James Whitmore Maj William M. Uanna
R1xogxfjqhn2fonn78rlxkpzgfw James Whitmore Maj William M. Uanna
Larry Keating MajGen Vernon C. Brent
Ldsjomthzi5gl1cgsxzumstsven Larry Gates Capt William Parsons
Marilyn Erskine Marge Bratton
Cnqpygpp7tuqqwaxecqigp0mcpm Stephen Dunne Maj Harry Bratton
Robert Burton Gen Samuel E. Roberts
R6fvetr8kuvndw8lrv30k4eyfy Hayden Rorke Dr. Ramsey
Mi7q9c7z0tagylb9ew4c6mmkwfp Lawrence Dobkin Dr. Van Dyke
Jack Raine Dr. Fiske
Jonathan Cott Capt Dutch van Kirk
Jeff Richards Maj Thomas Ferebee
John McKee SSgt Wyatt E. Duzenbury
Dick Simmons Capt. Robert A. Lewis (Co-Pilot, Enola Gay)



Melvin Frank Director

Norman Panama Director


Beirne Lay Jr. Story