Alien Tornado
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Aliens attack Earth with deadly electrical tornadoes, and it’s up to a farmer, his smart high-school daughter and a tornado blogger to thwart the horrific invasion.

April 21, 2012

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"Tornado Warning looks like a low-budget movie from the 90's&quot

Reviewed by Danny

Tornado Warning is without doubts one of the worst pieces of garbage that I have ever watched. The script is amateurish, the acting (except for Braun as Mark Scott, who played his role quite good) is mediocre, the tornado scenes are dull and boring, but what's really icing on this unsavory cake, are the horrible special effects. Tornado Warning looks like a low-budget movie from the 90's, but is actually a movie from 2002 with a moderate budget. Intolerable.

Meteorologist Jake Arledge's background is dark and kind of interesting, but McRaney's stiff acting totally disappoints. Apparently, Arledge's rival, Steve (whom the producers didn't bother to give a last name), makes tornadoes look like playrides for the TV audience. However, his role is so unbelievably dumb and stupid that you have to wonder why people would believe him over Jake Arledge.

The bad script gets emphasized by the last scene in which mayor McAnders gets transported by ambulance after being swept away by horrible a horrible CGI F5 tornado (which looked way too small), blabbering through her bullhorn "Vote for me, during the elections in Septembre..." What gives? Still, I like Braun's part in this movie though. He seems to be the only decent actor to be brought into this movie.

Instead of an intense disaster movie, which was promised to me, I got a dull, childish, ugly, and plain horrible sci-fi mess.

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