Angels in the Infield
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When Eddie Everett was a rookie in 1992, he led the California Angels to the American League Championship Series, where they played the Boston Red Sox. When a rookie playing for the Red Sox hits a ground ball to Everett, he bobbles it and is unable to get him out, while the runners he let on base score. Losing a chance to make it to the World Series. Ever since then, Everett had never been the same pitcher, or the same person. Six years later, Everett and his wife are divorced, and he has barely kept contact with their thirteen year old daughter, Laurel. However, at a game where the Anaheim Angels are playing the fictional Arizona Crimson Devils, and the Angels lose, his ex-wife says that she is taking a job in Boston and is leaving Laurel with him. When he takes her back home, she realizes that her father's life isn't at all what she thought it'd be. He can't get over losing that game his rookie year, and she prays that he can get a second chance.

April 09, 2000

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Cq8zz6yfbrq2k4f4ahylsp9qojs Patrick Warburton Eddie "Steady" Everett
5ufltobzfrjjuilbzcrs7sgu40w Brittney Irvin Laurel Everett
Rzuugdoytfywbh87v7e4vvwuplh Kurt Fuller Simon
Rebecca Jenkins Claire Everett
T9tcfeebffad64vzdsc0qwnpnr9 Duane Davis Randy Fleck