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Two teenage girls discover a mermaid in their beach club's swimming pool.

March 03, 2006

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Reviewed by sk8erprincess

This was a great movie! It is about these two girls that are like 12 or 13 yrs old and they are best friends and one of them has to move to Australia. They live in Florida right next to the beach. They both are in love with Raymond, the lifeguard. They have a sleepover one night and they make a wish to nature that it will somehow keep Hailey's mom from moving to Australia. That night there is a huge storm and a mermaid washes into the pool. the next day Claire and Hailey are walking to see what happened to the pool because of the storm, and because they here some people thinking about canceling the Last Splash (the dance that they are having at the beach that they are planning to dance with Raymond at.)Claire sees a strange light in the pool and she leans over and the side of the pool brakes and she falls into the pool - and, of course Raymond rescues her. But while she was in the water she saw a mermaid. At first she didn't know what it was. Her and Hailey make a plan to go to the pool at 9:00 p.m to look in the pool. They find the mermaid, because they fed her gummy worms. They have to go because someone was coming, and they promised to come back in the morning. In the morning they see that people that work at the beach have drained the pool. It turns out that mermaids can have legs if they want to, so they find Aquamarine hiding behind the snack bar. She is excited because she has a butt and legs. She likes to kick people! She tells them that she can have legs if she wants, but she can't touch ocean water and she has to be in water by sunset or her tail will pop out. Her father is forcing her to marry a mean guy that she doesn't like, and then she got dumped in the pool by the storm. She needs to prove that loves exists for her dad not to make her marry the mean merman. Her and her dad make a deal that she has 3 days to prove love exists. She doesn't understand that you can't fall in love in 3 days. Hailey and Claire don't like that Aqua likes Raymond (because they like him!) untill she says they can have a wish if they help her get Raymond. So they read all these magazines on guys. They want to wish that Hailey can stay in Florida. So they go to some fair/carnival/festival, and Raymond notices her and asks her to the Last Splash. She has to leave the fair/carnival/festival because it is sunset. They put her in a water tower. Cecilia is the mean girl and figures out that she lives in a water tower and that she's a meramaid and calls her dad, the local weather and news dude. They find the sqeaky rubber dolphin that Raymond bought Aqua at the place. Aqua tells Raymond that she wants to meet him a bridge the next day. Aqau asks Raymond if he loves her, and he says he doesn't know because he has only known her for 3 days. Then Cecilia pushes Aqua in the ocean and her dad takes her back. Hailey and Claire dive in after her and are willing to give up their wish to save her, and they dived into a really stormy ocean to save her. They proved that love exists. They love each other in a sister way. Aqua's dad isn't going to make her marry Mr.Ungly Horrible Mean Merman now, and they have to say goodbye because Aqua has a family down in the ocean. They decide to save their wish because Hailey's mom has worked her whole life for the job in Australia. It was a great movie! :-]


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